You heard it right, one of our favourite video platforms is now set to be enjoyed in HD right on your laptop or TV.

The announcement brings new enhancements to the service, with its new HD offering and audio upgrades across the service for no additional charge. That’s right, you can now get better audio and video quality for no extra charge.

All new shows on iflix will be available in HD format, inclusive of the two latest hit titles The Magicians and Emerald City, as well as other iconic series and movies like The Flash, Avatar and Titanic.

You can now enjoy them via browser or on TV with Google Chromecast, with HD availability for other titles are currently in the works. Mobile devices won’t be getting the HD upgrade just yet, but it will be out in a future update.

iflix is available in Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Maldives, Pakistan and Vietnam; and you can snag a free one-month subscription at their site here.


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