The Steam Link
The Steam Link
The Steam Link

Steam Link, the new product by Valve that will be released later this year will “extend your Steam experience to any room in the house,” according to the company. The product will function well with PCs – Steam Machines, Windows, Mac and Linux is no problem for streaming content to the device via Steam.

Provided of course, they all are on the same network.

The Steam Link will support 1080p 60Hz “with low latency” according to Valve and it is expected to be out before Christmas 2015 with price tag of US$49.99. It is similar pricing to another Valve’s future product, Steam Controller which will be also scheduled at the same release time with the Steam Link.

Valve stated that Steam Link is “designed to take advantage of the PC horsepower you already have in your home, with In-Home Streaming.” They also insisted that the machine is easy to setup with two USB ports, one network cable port and an HDMI out. Just hook it up to your TV and home network and Steam Link will do the rest – auto detect computers running Steam on the same network.

The company will release the worldwide pricing soon for Steam Link and Steam Controller before the official launch. The machine will be priced around “at the same price point as game consoles, [but] with higher performance.“, as insisted by the company.

Besides this, Valve also unveils the new Source 2 engine, the next generation of Source engine that used to power games like Counter-Strike and Half-Life 2. According to Valve, Source 2 is made with a emphasis on “increasing creator productivity” and the engine is free to content developers. Valve stated that it will allow “gamers themselves to participate in the creation and development of their favorite games.” The engine will be compatible with Vulkan, the graphics API that is revealed by Valve not long ago which according to Valve, “cross-platform, cross-vendor 3D graphics API that allows games developers to get the most out of the latest graphics hardware.

When is the next Half-Life coming, Valve?

Via Steam website & SteamDB

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