Everyone has different sorts of needs in relation to the kind of audio products they use. Some people need a good Bluetooth headset to get through their day hands free or simply just want some hassle free music.

As such, Jabra has released not one but four new audio devices to cater to your individual needs.

The four devices, are the Jabra STEEL, made for the heavy duty user in noisy environments, the discrete Eclipse, the Halo Fusion for the avid traveller and the Sports Pace Wireless for those with active lifestyles.


First up is the Jabra Halo Fusion, which acts as a two-in-one device for both music and calls. Made to seamlessly combine the two, you operate the device with the control button on the neck band to answer calls. The entire thing just weighs in at a paltry 21 grams and its effectively weightless as it hangs around your neck. The Halo Fusion also has a rated 6.5 hours of uptime before it needs to charge, while allowing you to stay connected to two devices at a go if you need it.

Jabra Halo Fusion retails for RM 249 and is available in Black.


Next up is the STEEL, made for those working in high noise environments who needs something durable for their everyday operations. Made tough, it also packs active noise cancellation and a dual-microphone setup to ensure that your voice is always clear on the other end of your call. The device has about 6 hours of rated talk time and it power naps to save power when not in use. The best part? it only weighs 10 grams and even comes with a custom earhook for perfect comfort on the job.

The Jabra STEEL retails for RM 449 in Black.


For the active user, we have the Sport Pace Wireless which is made for those excersize junkies who need a lightweight, comfortable headset that won’t get tangled while on the go. The wireless earbuds also come with the Jabra Sport Life app which functions as a fitness coach and keeps track of our statistics while training. The Sport Pace Wireless also has the same IP54 rating as the STEEL; so it will withstand harsh weather without breaking a sweat.

Jabra Sport Pace goes for RM 399 and is available in Red, Blue, and Yellow.


Last but not least we have the Eclipse; the lightest of the bunch. Despite its small size it doesn’t skimp on design, sound quality or comfort in any way; utilizing EarGels to keep the device snug in your years. It also has the same HD sound quality befitting of Jabra’s devices and active noise cancelling capabilities and activates via doubletapping the headset. The device has no physical buttons so any extra functions will have to be done via the Jabra Assist app.

The Eclipse also comes with a sleek cradle which doubles as a portable charger; giving you up to 7 hours of charge. The Eclipse itself only has about 3 hours to talk time due to its tiny frame so you probably want to take this one with you.

Jabra Eclipse –retails for RM 569 and is available in Black and White.

You can find all these devices at ALL IT, Harvey Norman, Machines and Viewnet Computer Systems.