My Navi Student recently ran another poll for Japanese fans in which to find out which anime series were the ones that had them crying a river. Check out the top ten titles that made the cut.

While for most fans One Piece’s Going Merry special or Grave of the Fireflies immediately comes to mind, those two actually didn’t make the list. Below at the top ten most voted shows that made them shed a tear.

1.Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
tokyo magnitude 8.0
This one rang true to a lot of Japanese, as the 11 episode series is about two children trying to survive a national disaster. The journey of the older sister trying to find shelter for her younger brother comes to a twist ending that would make even the stone hearted get moist eyes.

2. Plastic MemoriesPlastic-Memories

The anime revolves around SA Corp. and the business of reclaiming the human-like androids in the populace when their service life is up. The show explores connections these androids make to their human owners. After all, would you throw a friend away even if they aren’t entirely real?

3. UP (Old Man Karl’s Flying House)pixar_up-1

Technically this is not an anime but Pixar’s UP mad the cut. Starring a crotchety old man who goes on an adventure after the death of his wife paints his life as the show’s opening montage. A whole heap of love and loss in the film’s opener.

4. AirAIR-Anime-HD-Wallpapers

If Kanon was called “sad girls in the snow” then Air might be the “sad girl at the beach” trope as a puppeteer tries to find truth behind a legend but gets wrapped with Misuzu Kamio (a quirky, but sick girl) in the process. But the real tearjerkers come when Misuzu deteriorates and her aunt attempts to reconnect with her.

5. Wolf Childrenwolf children

The story is simple, a woman falls in love with a werewolf and they have a children. She suddenly finds herself raising her (were)children alone when her love was killed in wolf form; with the movie focusing on the hardships of motherhood while the kids struggle with their dual natures.

The last five noteable mentions are:

6. Stand By Me Doraemon
7. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
8. Eiga Crayon Shin-Chan: Gachinko! Gyakushu no Robo To-chan
9. Tekkonkinkreet
10. Your Lie in April

So what are the animes you feel summon the most onion-cutting ninjas? let us know in the comments!