Justice League vs Teen Titans

Last week we revealed the first official image for the new  Justice League vs Teen Titans flick and now we have a short trailer to go with that.

The sneak preview came about from the Batman Bad Blood DVD, and apparently is for a new animated series starring the Titans.

There was also a 11 minute preview for it but it has since been taken down from YouTube.

The core team still remains the same, with Starfire, Robin, Beast Boy and Raven, but Robin this time is actually Damien and Nightwing (which is Robin proper) is also hanging around. Cyborg is also with the team despite being technically part of the Justice League and Blue Beetle has joined the crew to fill Cyborg’s shoes.

The story seems to be following Raven’s storyline still, with the team at battle with Trigon. We’ve seen this fight plenty of times but it does have an interesting twist. The Justice League wants to take Raven in to ensure that Trigon is never released but the Titans obviously want none of that.

At any rate, check out the cool new preview below and maybe let us know what you think.