Chaning Tatum Jupiter Ascending Poster

This year is shaping up to be a pretty good year for geeks out there, at least movie wise. With what seemed like a huge bunch of Sci-fi themed movies hitting the big screen, we were really hyped up for a rolling good summer. Unfortunately, one of the more anticipated Sci-Fi movies this year, Jupiter Ascending, which was scheduled for a July 25 release this year was pushed forward half year later to February 2014.

Thing is, that doesn’t stop Warner Bros. from whetting our appetite for it with this new trailer. Yes WB, go ahead, tease us with non-stop Sci-Fi goodness then torture us with a whole 6 month wait. It better not come out as crappy as GI Joe 2: The Rise of Cobra. You’ve got 6 months more, if it ain’t going up to standard now, it sure as hell better be when it comes out later.

Ok so enough whining, and enjoy more scenes for what might be the next Sci-Fi sensation.

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