Spicy Sawadee Crunch KFC Malaysia

Thai food must be the in thing these days as another Malaysian fast food joint has introduced some Thai flavours into their menu. KFC Malaysia has decided to jump on the Thai hype train by introducing their take on Thai fried chicken, the Spicy Sawadee Crunch.

The new fried chicken flavour is packed with KFC’s take on the Thai flavours, with a blend of spices to bring out the oomph that’s expected from a Thai dish. This includes chilli, lime for the citrusy flavour, onion for the aroma and a blend of seafood and Thai spices to give it that overall Thai experience.

KFC Malaysia’s Spicy Sawadee Crunch is available now from your nearest KFC outlet and you can get them ala carte or as meal sets.

There’s a promo going on at the moment where you can get the 2-piece Spicy Sawadee Crunch combo at RM13.50 (normal price RM15.90) and the 3-piece Spicy Sawadee Crunch combo at RM16.90 (normal price: RM18.90). The meal sets will each come with a drink, whipped potato, and coleslaw.

The KFC Malaysia Spicy Sawadee Crunch is already available in all KFC Malaysia outlets today so head over now if you’re in the mood for some Thai tasting fried chicken.

If you want to know more about the new KFC Malaysia Spicy Sawadee Crunch, you can always head over to their website here, Facebook page or Instagram.

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