baymax_KH3_1Disney has spilled plenty of beans at their D23 expo earlier this week, and with it were some updates on both Disney Infinity 3.0 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Earlier we did report that KH3 will be featuring the world of Big Hero 6, wherein you will get to experience San Fransokyo after the events of the movie. Also the rumour that the world of Tangled , as spotted in the E3 trailer has been confirmed to be in the game as well. There are also hints of mount Olympus in the trailer as well but since practically every Kingdom Hearts game has featured locations from Disney’s Hercules this doesn’t come as a surprise.


Most importantly, they’ve touched on some of the new features to be included in Kingdom Hearts 3, namely transforming Keyblades and a new Attraction Flow system that will bequeath your heroes with super powerful moved based on iconic Disney attractions. Some examples are Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Cups and the Disney Railroad, which form standalone moves that further adds complexity and flavour to the game.

As for the transformable Keyblades, apparently every single Keyblade in the game will have its own transformations that will let you customise your gameplay style to your choosing. Some will transform into projectile weapons while others increase your range or simply give you a burst of more power. This potentially adds to the already ridiculous variety of battle styles you can have in the game, so we’re pretty much dying to get to test it out for ourselves.

Still no release date for the game but it’s already shaping up to be the best title in the series so far.

via GeekTyrant

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