Knights and magic anime

The popular mecha and magic light novel, Knight’s and Magic, is getting its own anime adaptation this summer 2017. This comes not too long after the popular light novel by Hisako Amakaze-No got its own monthly manga adaptation in April 2016.

The anime will be produced by 8-bit Studio and will be directed by Yusuke Yamamoto who did Welcome to the NHK and Walkure Romanze.  Along with the studio and director, the PV also unveiled the cast and crew of the production.

Michiko Yokote of Shirobako and ReLIFE is in charge of the series scripts, while Kenichiro Katsura from Macross 7 and NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them! is in charge of character design and Kurogin is in charge of mecha design. As for music, it’ll be composed by Masato Kōda who worked on Maria the Virgin Witch and KonoSuba.

Knights and magic light novel
Cover to Volume 1 of the Knight’s and Magic Light Novel

As for the main cast, Rie Takahashi (KonoSuba’s Megumin) will be voicing the main character, Ernesti “Eru” Echevarria, a talented programmer from Japan who dies and reincarnates into a fantasy world. The other two main cast announced include Ayaka Ohashi (Akame Ga Kill’s Kurome) as Adeltroot “Adi” Alter, and Shinsuke Sugawara (Lostorage incited WIXOSS’  Shohei Shirai) as Akidd “Kid” Alter, both who are Eru’s childhood friends.

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Eru, Adi and Kid from Knight’s and Magic. Yes, Eru is a guy by the way

In case you’re unfamiliar with Knight’s and Magic, it’s a light novel that follows the reincarnated life of a Japanese mecha otaku. Having died in a car crash, he is reincarnated in a new world where magic exists with his previous life’s memories intact. He then begins his journey to realise his life-long dream, to become a mecha pilot. Fortunately for him, in this world, mecha do exist in the form of Silhouette Knights.

The light was first started by Amazake-no in 2010 and as we mentioned above, had a manga adaptation in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine since April 15 2016. With plenty of action and mecha abound, fans of the light novel will definitely be psyched to see all this come to life in the anime adaptation.

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Knights and Magic Silhoutte Knight Mecha

While we already have some idea of what the story would look like via the manga adaptation, it’s still nice to see a new mecha anime make its debut. Knight’s and Magic will debut this Summer 2017 though an exact release date has yet to be announced. So while you’re waiting for an actual release date to be announced, enjoy the PV for Knight’s and Magic below.

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  • Eru

    i will watch!!
    i thought the name of Akidd “Kid” Alter is actually “Chid” as his nickname

  • Kn`M reader

    I almost vomitted when i watched the first 2 episodes of this disgusting,vile,gag inducing butchered version of a fun to read LN and well executed manga that centers itself around lots of story driven charahter development well sprinkled with magic and mecha.
    The first episode awkwardly,rushes trough 6 years of charachter development eats charachter introductions and whole parts of what makes the main…Main.The whole concept of a reborn persona wishing to create and pilot the robots he yearnd for in his previous life.Instead we get a low quality op trap charachter with 0 persona ,and backgroud lackeys popping left and right,BUT HEYYYY ROBOT FIGHTING A GIANT TURTLE IN A FOREST…if you feel confused by the capital statement,well thats what you will get if you watch the anime..mindless forced mecha battles.If you are an isekai series lover,this anime is definetly not for you.

  • Kainos Teleos

    Don’t bother about the pure negative comments bellow. Destructive criticism is not good criticism and lacks objectivity. In fact, if you know nothing about the LN or Manga, the adaptation is well done and you are sure to enjoy it. It definitively deserves to be called a good Anime. So i suggest to everyone reading this comment section, go ahead and watch this Anime. Make your own image of it and enjoy. Not like some other idiots who only want to see fault in something so that they can hate or – quote – “vomit to it” 😉