Robot Restaurant Kuching

They say robots will slowly be taking over our jobs. While that might be the case for most manufacturing industries, they’ve yet to make a dent into other lines of work, at least in Malaysia. That might be different now if this restaurant has anything to say about it. A newly opened restaurant based in Kuching, Sarawak is the first in Malaysia to have robots be part of their wait staff. Yes, you’re reading that right, actual robots!

The restaurant, called CH Premiere Restaraunt first opened back in October 28. It may look like a normal restaurant at first glance, but once you enter, you’ll be greeted by their mechanical wait staff. There are four robot waiters in total, and they even have names; Goddess 1, Goddess 2, Goddess 3 the disturbingly named but cute Lolita.

Robot Waiters Lolita Kuching
The smallest of the four robot waiters in CH Premiere Restaurant, Lolita

All four robots were made in Kunshan, China, and they have been programmed to deliver food from the kitchen to customers’ tables. Navigation is made possible via the magnetic lines that have been installed in the restaurant, allowing for safe delivery of food from the kitchen, to table. The robots are also equipped with a sensor which allows them to maintain a safe distance of one metre from any obstacle including objects and humans.

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The four robots are currently programmed in two languages – English and Mandarin, and they will say “Your food has arrived. Please help me to take the food (from the tray/s) and place it on your table,” in either language as soon as they arrive at a customers table.

While the concept might be new here in Malaysia (they’ve even been listed in the Malaysian Book of Records as the first restaurant in the country to have robot waiters), CH Premiere Restaurant isn’t the first place to offer a robotic wait staff.

There have been a couple of restaurants in China that have implemented robot waiters, to varying degrees of success. In fact, according to CH Premier Restaurant Sdn Bhd managing director Wang Yu Quan, the idea for the concept came from his observations of a restaurant that did the same thing in his home country of China.

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Although the four robot waiters will be scurrying around delivering food to patrons, that doesn’t mean that the restaurant is fully mechanised. Far from it. In fact, there are about 20 chefs and restaurant workers employed in the restaurant. After all, there are still some things that need a human touch.

“We still needed manpower to cook, and even installed steamboat equipment, since the robots are only meant for food delivery,” said Wang.

Robot Restaurant Kuching Steamboat
CH Premiere Restaurant offers steamboat dishes and a variety of Chinese dishes, including seafood

CH Premier Restaurant primarily serves steamboat fare and other Chinese favourites and are located at No 103. Ground Floor, Premier 101 Commercial Centre Tun Jugah, Kuching, Sarawak.

So if you’re looking for a Chinese steamboat place with a bit a futuristic edge, you might want to pop by the place, if only to experience being served by a robot. Remember to be nice, though; you never know when they’d decide to revolt and become our mechanical overlords.

Image Credit: CH Premiere Restaurant Facebook Page