A new, remastered version of LocoRoco is heading to the PlayStation 4!

What is LocoRoco Remastered?

Well, LocoRoco Remastered is an innovative 2D platform/action game. Players guide the LocoRoco through more than 40 stages of slippery slopes, swinging ropes, and grassy plains, updated to suit the PS4 system. The vibrant, thriving and lush worlds of LocoRoco have been revitalised for the modern gamer with graphics rendered in native 4K, and control schemes that take advantage of the DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller features.

LocoRoco Remastered utilises the additional capabilities offered by DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller to control the LocoRoco via  “tilting or bumping” the landscape in order to help them navigate through the level and keep them out of harm’s way.

Wondering if the iconic characters and soundtrack from the original LocoRoco will be making a return? Hell yeah, it is! Also, check out the trailer for the game:

The new remastered version of LocoRoco will now be available on Digital version (RM 59) starting 9 May 2017, and the Blu-ray Disc version (RM 89) on 22 June 2017 onwards.