As we step out of the gloom of Innistrad, the latest Magic: The Gathering block, Kaladesh is finally here, and pre-release is this weekend!

Kaladesh is a land where the spirit of creativity runs free, the realm playing host artificers and their magnificent creations. It’s also the home realm of Planeswalker Chandra Naalar, whose story is in the spotlight for the 264 card block.

kaladesh splash 2

Of course, with every new set comes new mechanics; this time sporting four:

Energy- The primary source of magic on Kaladesh is Aether, which is present throughout the multiverse. On Kaladesh its part of the ecosystem, with refined Aether powering most of Kaladesh and their inventions. Energy is represented by counters, and can be used to activate (usually strengthening) effects on certain cards.

Vehicles- Vehicles are artifacts that turn into artifact creatures when “manned” by a crew of creatures you control. They can range from small Sky Skiffs, to trains, and even tanks!

Fabricate- The wonders of mass production on Kaladesh allows you to bring on token creatures like Servos or Thopters into the battlefield. Not too different from the old method of bringing in token creatures, but at least it now has a cool name.

Menace- Creatures with Menace can only be blocked by more than one defending creature.

Check out the trailer below!

Magic: the Gathering –Kaladesh officially hits the shelves 30 September, with pre-release happening this weekend all over Malaysia! Check out your local hobby stores to join in!