Fanfiction banned

In another fell swoop MCMC blocks, a site home to thousands of fan-created stories that are written by fans for their respective fandoms.

The only other country in the world who has blocked is Indonesia, who also blocked access to over 100 sites, including Imgur, Reddit and Vimeo, amidst an anti-online pron crackdown in 2014.

For those not familiar with it, came about in 1998, and acted as a one-stop archive for fan-created stories from pre-existing shows, games, literature, you name it. It is literally the largest place to find fanfiction on the internet and is home to over 2.2 million users as of 2010 (and is probably home to plenty more!)

The ban was confirmed by sister site FictionPress on Twitter, stating that the site has been blocked for breaching the Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998; which criminalises the use of network facilities or services to create or distribute content that is “obscene, indecent, false, menacing, or offensive”.

However, the ban didn’t take effect today, as Malaysian users haven’t been able to access the site since last week. The MCMC has blocked over 5,044 sites between 2015 and October last year, and those websites were blocked due to either being pornographic, obscene or seditious or in other cases contained elements of gambling, prostitution, cheating, and piracy.

So it’s quite likely that got the banhammer simply because some stories tend to contain 18SX elements or what some would consider “obscene” by some standards. However, do bear in mind that not all fanfictions are like this and plenty are quite tame.

But what’s troubling is that the MCMC is getting more proactive in blocking sites that they deem unsafe so where exactly does this end, especially since the fiasco involving Fight of Gods that happened earlier last month?

We can only hope they don’t start targeting other sites that fans know and love.
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  • Jj Lim

    Watch them ban DeviantArt, Archive of Our Own and Wattpad next. We are becoming North Korea

    • Angel Catz



      • Jj Lim

        well to bad…im sure they already got the ideas

        • NetherLordHades

          Even as a S’porean here, I hope M’sia got reviews their ban on Fanfiction as lots of my M’sian friends were affected. Really stupid that the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) blocked Fanfiction since I doubt the site itself is not responsible for any content uploaded and all stories on there are intellectual property of the authors who uploaded them. Not all fanfictions are ‘obscene’ as stated by the MCMC. Some of them are hilarious short stories that can make your day and have absolutely nothing obsene in them whatsoever. My own book series, Dead Singapura (first book now published in Singapore), started life as one of the many stories on this site (although it isn’t really fanfiction at all), and let me tell you, there is nothing obscene in that, nor in most of the other stories on the site. Even if there are a few, any potentially obscene ones are required to come with warnings so that readers can choose whether to read them or not, and those few stories aren’t shown by default as they are usually M-rated. I seriously hope the MCMC reviews its decision to ban this site for reasons stated above. I also believe that such a site is an important place for potential writers to refine and hone their skills in writing as I, and a few friends have done, hopefully with the aim of becoming sucessful authors in the future. Finally, by banning this site, the MCMC is directly curtailing the creatively of potential authors by denying them a space in which they are able to write and express their imagination.

  • Alan Stratos

    I’m a Malaysian and i like to say F! YOU! to me very own country for taking down not only mine but many more others source of intertainment and restricting their development on creating interesting story to share with everyone.

    • NetherLordHades

      Malaysia boleh… :/

  • ML

    Those idiots up there are the reason why many of our local artistes or writers or whomever choose to take their career elsewhere. Point is, if you enforce draconian laws and restrictions, don’t expect those who have ambition and dreams to stay, when there are places where they can put their talents to good use.

  • Jj

    Harmony my A$$, the government is just being a group of [email protected] idiots. Go suck a c0ck you [email protected]

  • Levi Trash

    Oh, holy fuck. How do I update my bloody fanfictions now???
    Good job Malaysia. Just another reason to fucking move to another country.

    • NetherLordHades

      Go dwld the Fanfiction app lah…problem solved lol

      • c l a r y

        Doesn’t let you log in from there either!

        • NetherLordHades

          Srs ah? Works for my friend tho…if rlly cannot login, RIP all msian fanfic writers 🙁

          • charzard x x

            Just use usa vpn that’s what I’m doing to upload my fanfics

          • NetherLordHades

            Or S’pore vpn…thats wat my fren is doing

  • ErisedK

    Why in the holy world that fanfiction have to take the consequence of ‘Fight of Gods’ issue? It just doesnt make any sense. If goverment really want to stop these pornographic or obscene ‘acts’ they actually came to the wrong place to land their first ‘attack’. They probally should start with porn sites. Duh.

  • NetherLordHades

    Hey M’sian Fanficion writers/readers, for those of you who want to continue posting, updating and reading stories, a friend and I have discovered a way to get around the block. Go download the Fanfiction app from App Store/Google Play Store then login with your account. After that your stories should all sync onto the app then you can just update, post and read stories as usual. TBH from what my friend told me, I think it’s just the net version that’s blocked and not the app.

    • c l a r y

      I tried it, but it doesn’t work anymore, I think.

      • NetherLordHades

        Well then…RIP M’sian fanfiction writers then 🙁

  • Jj Lim

    Says that some idiots made complaints to the MCMC because of the 18+ contents in the websites. Like wtf? Its M+ rated for a fucking reason y’know? Dont like to read then dont fucking read it. How sad that a website where people share their passion and love for writing stories gets treated like PornHub

    • NetherLordHades

      Well, Malaysia rlly boleh now…and srsly, I agree wif u. There’s a reason why M rated fanfics aren’t usually shown in regular search unless the reader go change the filtering so that the reader is choosing to go view such fanfics.
      For me I strongly feel that it is important place for potential writers to refine and hone their skills in writing as I, and a few friends have done, hopefully with the aim of becoming sucessful authors in the future. By banning this site, the M’sia govt is directly curtailing the creatively of potential authors by denying them a space in which they are able to write and express their imagination. 🙁

  • undertaker’s lockets

    having to use vpn to upload my works is really a pain. can’t they block the m-rated fanfic only? Why ban the whole site? T^T

    • charzard x x

      Same brother T^T

  • Pitch Black

    Just use Tor browser. Problem solved.

  • Silver Candy

    fuck now i cant read fanfics from fanfiction. net that is not on wattpad nor ant other websites.this give me more reasons to get out of the country

  • Mollivoire

    WTF. OMG. My favourite stories!!! Sigh, this is really stupid..