McDonald’s has just launched their new Adventure Time lineup of Happy Meal toys and they look awesome!

There are eight toy designs in total, with each featuring their own mini game within. The set launches with Finn and Lady Rainicorn and will release new ones in batches in McDonald’s usual fashion when it comes to the Happy Meal Toys.

They’re pretty big too, here are some closer looks, courtesy of Facebook user Melissa Ho, who picked up some from the first release!

Do bear in mind that each of the toys have their own individual games inside, with Lady Rainicorn being a mini colouring book (complete with pencil!) and Finn’s is a metal ball maze puzzle.

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The Happy Meal toys will be available starting today all the way up to 4 October, so grab your faves while you can! Personally, I’m going to wait to get myself BMO, which is your fave? let us know in the comments!