The second set for the steampunk-inspired Kaladesh block, Aether Revolt has arrived; with pre-release to take place around the nation this weekend.

As far as the story is concerned, the Kaladesh Inventors’ Fair, which has been a haven for genius and invention was nothing but a ruse. For years, Kaladesh was in a renaissance of invention, the Consulate fostering innovation and optimism, until it suddenly cracked down at the very pinnacle of this era, arresting inventors and confiscating the very inventions it encouraged.

Of course, with each new release, there’s new mechanics.


This mechanic was around since the last release, being counters that are acquired through various parts of gameplay. Energy counters don’t go away unless you spend them, and they can be used to power certain artifacts and abilities.


Vehicles are also a returning aspect of the block, the lot being artifact creatures that can be piloted by other creatures you have in play. Simply tap any number of untapped creatures you control with total power equal to or greater than the number on the crew ability, and your Vehicle will be ready to attack or block.


This is a new ability that lets you use your artifacts to help you cast spells. Having artifacts in play along with this ability can reduce your casting cost down to the bare minimum, making your game a cakewalk.


Last but not least is Revolt, which appears on abilities that depend on your permanents leaving the battlefield. It has many forms too, sometimes appearing as a bonus on an instant, others come into play with +1/+1 counters or simply produce different effects when they enter the field. Revolt abilities simply look back throughout the current turn and see if a permanent left the battlefield while under your control. It doesn’t matter where that permanent went or even who owns it.

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The Aether Revolt set will officially hit the stores 20 January, with the pre-release events happening on the 14-15 January, this weekend! Don’t forget to check out your local gamestores if you want to participate or to find the nearest store near you, visit

MTG aether revolt

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