Voltron Legendary Defender

It’s been a long month since the first teaser trailer for Dreamworks Animation’s Voltron: Legendary Defender showed the mighty robot assembling – the new trailer lets us meet the team and get a first look at the tone and humour.

Released exactly 30 days after the previous trailer, this new 90-second look at the show is the product of a standard marketing blitz and oh boy does it work. We can’t wait for June 10th, the day Netflix promises a full release of all 11 episodes – an hour-long premiere and ten 22-minute follow-ups.

In the trailer, old school mixes with new as helmet and robot designs from the original meet a splash of modernity (note the neon tinges! The voice acting is really good!). Adding on to the “Form Voltron!” sequence which we saw in the teaser, this new trailer gives us a look at some backstory as Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are revealed to be space cadets whose training are going… less than great.

The humour is smirk-inducing and innocent – a callback to the clear-eyed tone of the original series – and the animation style clearly takes some pages from the show’s Japanese roots.

The whole thing comes off as extremely slick and well put together – which should be no surprise as the show is helmed by Legend of Korra vets Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos. With a cast that includes Jeremy Shada (Finn from Adventure Time) Steven Yuen (Glenn from The Walking Dead) and Kimberly Brooks (Ashley Williams from Mass Effect) and a promise to focus on the “true power of teamwork”, Voltron: Legendary Defender is poised to push our squee-meters to absolute maximum.

You can watch the whole thing here:

You can also catch the original teaser and our fan-made teaser with the original 80s theme here.