Sword Gai is hitting Netflix early next year for its worldwide simultaneous premiere!

The news came from the September issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly Hero’s Magazine; that stated Toshiki Inoue, Osamu Kine and Keita Amamiya’s Sword Gai manga’s tv adaptation was going to premiere on the streaming service.

As the story goes, it revolves around Gai, who was born beside a woman who met her death in a forest, later being adopted by the swordsmith Amon. Years later, Gai becomes Amon’s apprentice and he loses his right arm during the forging of a sword. Amon crushes the demon sword Shiryu to make into Gai’s replacement arm, leading to an ability to fuse with the weapon on his arm to fight his enemies.

Inoue will be in charge of the composition and scripts for the anime, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it straying too far from the source material. So far Netflix has been amazing in its anime offerings so I expect this would be pretty good.

Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t reveal if the Sword Gai The Animation would be a film, but it also didn’t say it was going to be a series so that’s one question that’s yet to be answered.

While this isn’t an official trailer for the new tv anime, here’s a taste of what we might be getting early next year.