Monogatari, a series of light Japanese novels, is set to debut a new anime adaptation – Tsukimonogatari. The story originates from a light novel published in 2012, spun off from the critically-acclaimed Bakemonogatari, which made its debut a few years ago.

The cover of Tsukimonogatari light novel

It is the 13th book in the light novel series and the first novel of the third season from the Monogatari stories. It contains the Yotsugi Doll story. So far, 12 novels have already been adapted into anime by Studio Shaft, who are famous for Magica Puella Magi Madoka and Nisekoi.

The interview that confirms the new series

The magazine Cut, revealed the latest update while interviewing the studio staff. There are no further details known so far, but it can be safely said that Shaft Studio will continue the anime adaptation of the story. Now fans will wonder if Akiyuki Shinbo will direct this one or not. The tweet below confirms the news.



For those who are clueless on what is going on, the novels are penned by Nisio Isin who also wrote another story which was adapted into a 10-episode anime Katanagatari. The series first appeared in 2005 with illustrations done by Vofan. A total of 16 volumes has been released so far with two more to go before it ends. The five anime series made so far include: Bakemonogatari (2009), Nisemonogatari (2012), Nekomogatari Kuro (2012), Monogatari Season Two (2013) and Hanamonogatari (2014)

Source: YaraOn blog