While the original online auction listing for this seemingly redesigned PlayStation 4 have been removed, here’s the first look at what could be Sony‘s PlayStation Neo.

The images show a PS4 that is both thinner and with a more rounded off design plus what looks like a matte paint job. The device’s box shows that the PS4 might have originated from the Arabic or European regions, it’s not certain. However, the box also shows that it’s a 500GB model.

The new PS4, codenamed Neo was set to be unveiled later this year, but Sony didn’t give any indicator as to what it might have looked like. As of the moment, there’s no saying if this really is the Neo or it’s just an updated look for the present PS4.

There’s a media event set to happen 7 September 2016 at Times Square where the new PS4 is expected to be revealed, so we’ll find out if this is real soon enough.