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It was a rough couple of years for your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. The poor guy saw his marriage erased and had his body taken over by one of his worst enemies, but things are turning around for Peter Parker. No longer a struggling, freelance photographer, he is now the head of a massive, multi-million dollar tech corporation that rivals Tony Stark’s company. Peter has also taken on an additional job serving as the headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Gifted Mutants.

In the comics, Peter has finally found his fortune through the creation of Parker Industries. Well, it wasn’t Peter that created it so much as Dr Octopus while he was inhabiting the body of Peter but, you know, comics. Now, Peter is a swinging bachelor multi-millionaire tech-mogul, and it’s a big step up from his days shooting photos for the always-angry J. Jonah Jameson. It’s quite the turnaround for the character. Most fans grew up with him as a relatable, perpetually teased nerd, but the new developments do nothing if not offer some interesting new story possibilities and it’s as they say, with great power… comes great media tie-ins?

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Among these is the most promising Spider-Man video game you’ve ever seen. At this year’s E3 conference, noted that Sony debuted a new, open-world Spider-Man game exclusively for the Playstation 4. It’s being developed by the folks at Insomniac, and it might have people the most excited they’ve been for a Spidey game in some time. For starters, it looks absolutely terrific, and the idea of having a fully realised New York City to swing around and defend at your leisure is an exciting prospect. Sadly, it would appear that it’s going to be quite some time before Spidey swings onto your home console, but there are ways to satisfy your web-slinging needs while you wait.

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There aren’t too many solo Spider-Man titles available at the moment. However, one of the best bets for fans is hosted on an online platform featuring games based on various superheroes, which includes one featuring none other than the amazing Spider-Man. As noted on, the licensed game goes the extra mile by pitting Spider-Man against one of his greatest enemies, the Green Goblin, while featuring numerous fun symbols and goodies from the comics.

The combat is much more dependent on lining up the right reels as opposed to your video game acumen, but it’s a welcome and entertaining distraction for sure. A release date hasn’t even been set yet for the PS4 title, and Insomniac has said that it’ll likely be a while before they set one. That means that late 2017 could be the earliest chance of it coming out‚ and it might be even later than that.


To be fair, next summer would make a lot of sense, because that’s when the new movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, is being released. In the movies, the iconic red and blue suit is now being worn by the youngest actor yet to take on the role and many writers, including those at Screencrush, are already calling him the best Spider-Man yet. Much to the relief of fans everywhere, Marvel and Sony finally made friends again so the web-slinger will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Robert Downey Jr. set to make an appearance as Tony Stark. Holland’s Spider-Man was a breath of fresh air when he appeared in Captain America: Civil War, so hopes are high for Homecoming.

It’s an exciting time to be a Spider-Man fan. Now that he’s involved with the MCU movies, Marvel has, even more, reason to invest in the character (unlike with the X-Men). With new games, movies, and a different direction in the comics, it’s a whole new world for the wall-crawler.