The Wonder Woman movie has gotten two new TV spots recently, and one of them gives us a look at David Thewlis’ Ares.

Thewlis was reported to have joined the cast of the movie as Ares, the Greek god of war, who not only is set to put an end to humanity, but is also the movie’s major antagonist.

In all previous clips, Ares has remained hidden and the only time we’ve actually “seen” him is in silhouetted form on some Hot Toys packaging. A second TV spot, titled “Together” was also released:


The third movie set in DC’s Extended Universe, Wonder Woman follows Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Wonder Woman got her official debut in the movie-verse. She will also appear in Justice League in November, alongside Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash, who were also teased in Dawn of Justice.

All of them are also  slated to get their own individual solo titles mind you, starting 2018.

Wonder Woman will hit cinemas 2 June 2017.