Following the footsteps of some of Nintendo’s other titles, The Legend of Zelda will be heading to your phone as their next big mobile title.

The last three titles that Nintendo brought to our mobile devices were none other than Animal Crossing, Super Mario and Fire Emblem, so Zelda being next is an obvious choice; especially following the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

They haven’t revealed much about the new title, but apart from being developed with DeNA, it will be released right behind the Animal Crossing app that is set to drop in the latter half os 2017. Nintendo did promise that it will release five mobile games by March 2017, and while the date has passed, they seem to be determined to release the five, with the Zelda one being the fourth (the first being Miitomo) in the series of releases.

Of course, there’s that mysterious Pokemon card game app that’s apparently in the works, and it might easily fill up that fifth space if it’s true.

Hopefully, the new Zelda game won’t have any delays!