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Malaysian fans of Nintendo can now finally stop wondering as the local prices for the Nintendo Switch has been finally revealed. The price though, might be a bit of a put off for many as it seems that the console doesn’t seem to be priced anywhere below RM2000.

A couple of the major gaming retailers like Gamers Hideout and Impulse Gaming have already opened up the Nintendo Switch for pre-orders and from the looks of it, neither of their offerings go below the RM2000 mark.

Gamers Hideout’s cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle price is going for RM2299 and comes with both The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch game while their Neon Blue and Red controller bundle is going for RM2399 with the same two games. Impulse gaming does have a cheaper option offering a bundle at RM2099. However, neither have managed to go below the RM2000 mark.

Gamers Hideout Nintendo Switch pre-order

There is one retailer however that has managed to done so and they are Gamers Horizon. While all the other retailers are offering a two game bundle, Gamers Horizon is offering a single game bundle with the cheapest being the Nintendo Switch with 1-2 Switch game going for RM1898. The next bundle which is the Nintendo Switch with

The next bundle which is the Nintendo Switch with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild  game goes fro RM1938. Then if you want the two game bundle it goes for RM2099. This of course, are the prices, before you factor in delivery charges but it is nice to see that there is at least one retailer offering the Nintendo Switch. Do take note that for the orders below RM2000, there is no link and instead you’ll have to contact Gamers Horizon yourself.

Gamers horizon pre-order nintendo switch

And if you’re wondering what games you can get with the Nintendo Switch, here are 10 games you’d want too look out for.