Looks like those who are seeking to become residents in the Land of the Rising Sun will have it a bit easier, following the announcement of new rules governing permanent residency in Japan.

The move was to hopefully attract and keep more highly skilled workers from overseas, with the new measures already in effect. With this, it seems applicants might be able to receive their PR after just one year in the country.

However, all immigrants are eligible for PR after living in Japan for 10 years, but thanks to a point-based system that was introduced by the Ministry of Justice in 2012 . you can shorten the wait if you happen to be in one of these three categories; advanced academic research activities, advanced specialized/technical activities, and advanced business management activities. If you have scored enough points here, you will be eligible for a PR visa after five years.

There’s an even shorter route, assuming you can hit over 70 points based on the system, you can settle in after three years, and just one year if you score over 80 points.

They’ve added more ways to earn points too, you’ll be able to read the breakdown in English here.

So would this encourage you to head over to Japan? let us know in the comments!

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SOURCEAsahi Shimbun
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