PS4-key hero

For the console owners who have been lamenting that the controller will never live up to what a mouse and keyboard can do, this is the ticket to FPS goodness. Hori, the brand producing this marvel of a device has made similar keypads in the past and this is an improvement on that design.

Named the Tactical Assault Commander for the PlayStation 4, this mini keyboard and mouse ensemble  basically condenses all the shortcuts you need (plus d-pad) that you generally would use on a traditional keyboard in easy reach. It also has arrow keys if you decide to use that instead of the d-pad but we can’t help but wonder how this would work if you’re playing from your living room couch.


The device features 18 buttons, and these comprises of profile macros, options, walk (who would wanna walk in an FPS?) and even a share button. Which we suppose is for pure bragging rights purposes.

The setup can also be used with the PlayStation 3, and will be hitting the market come 3o November 2015 and will be priced at 14,904 Yen (about RM 459) and you can check it out here.

ps4_key3   ps4_key4

via Kotaku

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