If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to put together your own PC, this game is for you.

PC Building Simulator is a game we kinda wish was around 10 years ago, when lots more people used actual PCs as opposed to the army of laptops people own today. The object of the game is pretty much getting around to putting your own PC together, one painstaking screw at a time.

The game will literally let you put everything together, choose which slots to stick in place, well everything that is fun/not fun about making your own, working PC. It’s currently in pre-alpha but the complete version will have a career mode that lets you sell PC Builds and make money from it.

It’s creator, Claudio made the game to try and teach people about building PCs while having fun. It’s multipurpose though, as it’ll also allow those who do build PCs for fun to practice and plan future builds without breaking the bank.

You can download the game for free on

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