Freaker Sneaks has another pair of retro-designed shoes coming our way and this time they’re back with some (rather expensive) NES Jordans.

The shoes cost a whopping USD$1250 a pair (about RM 5360, yikes!) but they do look cool in a NES inspired colour scheme, as well as a cartridge, shaped Jordan tag, Mario labels and pressable buttons that are salvaged from actual NES controllers (is that why it’s so expensive?). But otherwise, you’ll find a lot of features on the shoes quite recognisable, the laces even are printed with a Start and Select button!

As awesome as they look, the shoes really are ridiculously expensive. Jordans aren’t the cheapest of shoes all ready to start, but the modifications really jack it up even higher. I think only the most hardcore of NES fans would buy into this, but they’re still pretty cool customs.

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If you wanna check out more of Freaker Sneaks, you can hit their main site here.

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