ojomajo doremi

Premium Bandai, the same folks behind the deluge of Sailor Moon anniversary merchandise is bringing Ojamajo Doremi it’s very first cosmetic tie-in item. The Ojomajo Doremi Cosmetic Set is modelled after the Doremi Harukaze’s Dream Spinner from the anime.

For those not familiar with the series, Ojamajo Doremi or Magical DoReMi as its known in some countries, is a lighthearted mahou shojo anime about a group of elementary schoolgirls who become witch apprentices. The series has so far spawned two films, a handful of manga adaptations as well as a light novel sequel series.

The cosmetic set is meant to act like a skin brightener, with the balls inside functioning like Guerlain’s Meteorites cosmetics. It even comes with an application brush that looks like Doremi’s Peperuto Pollon wand.

ojomajo doremi

It’s not cheap however, with each set costing a good 6,242 yen (about RM 220) excluding tax.

The compacts are set to ship in February and preorders currently open. If you’re a fan of the series (or a collector) you might not want to pass this up; or at least find someone to give the makeup to and keep the case for yourself.