Japanese imaging company Olympus has introduced the new Air camera, which turns your smartphone into a camera in similar vein to the Sony QX-10. Basically turning any Android or iOS smartphone into a camera, the lens camera was originally launched during Photo kina 2014.

As specs go, the Olympus Air has a 16MP Live MOS sensor, a 1/16000 ultra high-speed shutter, 3x digital zoom and a lens mount that can hook up with any Micro Four Third lens and can take up to 320 shots on a charge. It will connect to your smartphone via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. On it’s body it will feature a physical shutter button, tripod mount and microSD card slot. By the sounds of it it should be capable of SLR quality images depending on the lens attached.

A new definition for ‘camera phone’


There will also be eight apps designed specially for the Air and would offer a variety of special photography features once they are available as well as a software development kit for those who would like to develop apps for the camera.

The camera is set to go on sale in Japan on 6 March this year and it will retail for 33,800 yen for the body only (approximately RM 1,025) and 49,800 yen for a 14-42mm lens kit (approximately RM 1,510). The Olympus Air is described by the company as a new concept that allows for intuitive controls for shooting, image manipulation and allows for uploads to social media networks through the smartphone.

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