One Piece Manga

Over the last few months, there’s been rumours going about that popular manga One Piece will switch to a monthly serialisation instead of its regular weekly serialisation. Publisher of Weekly Shounen Jump, Shueisha, where One Piece is published has flat out denied that it is the case.

It’s not surprising that the rumour would be flying about as over the last year or so, the manga has gone on quite some one-week hiatus. In fact, since the beginning of this year, One Piece has taken one week off a month. When you add the fact that One Piece mangaka, Eiichirō Oda, is also busy as the executive producer for the One Piece Film: Gold, it isn’t surprising that fans would be speculating a change in publishing schedule for the manga. So much so that it has prompted a representative from Shueisha to comment “It’s not true that it will move to monthly serialisation.”

For One Piece fans, this ought to be good news. It’d be a shame if the manga were to be made into a monthly serialisation because that means, it’ll take even longer for the manga to end if we were to follow the timeline that Oda mentioned before.

For now lets hope that the denial sticks and One Piece remains a weekly serial. Hopefully, Oda doesn’t go on too many hiatus either just like a certain other mangaka that recently announced the indefinite hiatus of his manga AGAIN.