If you’ve ever fancied Brook’s crazy shark guitar from One Piece, Premium Bandai and Shimamura Music have made a perfect replica, and it’s completely playable!


The guitar is made with Japanese string instrument parts from manufacturer Gotoh, a neck made of hard maple connected to a body made of American basswood, complete with blue paintjob and sharky, sharky grin.

Shimamura is also selling 27 One Piece pick designs, incase you want to strum up a mean tune with a coordinated pick.

shark guitar_8

The guitar will set you back a good 270,000 yen (about RM 10,366) and you can grab it either at Premium Bandai or Shimamura’s own online store. But act fast though, the guitars are only going to be available in limited quantity, with pre-orders now open.

shark guitar_7

Also, check out the gallery below for more shots of this epic replica!