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Want More details for the Doctor Strange movie? Disney lets the rabbit out of hat for Master of Mysticism's movie

The Asian superstar confirmed to be in Stars Wars universe with this image for Rogue One

What happened to the Fantastic Four movie? Seems that stories are emerging on how disastrous the whole project had been

Groot and Star Lord origins will be the highlight of the new Guardians of the Galaxy animation

Fox TV is close to a deal for live action X-Men TV series

The Fantastic Four gets a "dark and gritty" reboot from director Josh Trank. Is this a heartfelt reinvention of the franchise or a cynical cash grab?

Something magical about The Good Dinosaur from the excellent trailer.

Missed out on San Diego Comic-Con 2015? Here are the greatest moments all compiled for your pleasure

Everything is AWESOME!

Square Enix presentation at E3 2015 is no slouch either.

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