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Disney is making a Millennium Falcon drone!

Now you can really fly the Kessel run with this Millennium Falcon drone!

Team Fnatic has a new player line-up

New members replacing the departed Malaysian players in Team Fnatic.

Here’s a sneak peek at Star Trek Beyond’s new alien lead

Now we know how Captain Kirk's new love interest might look like.

Asus announces Cosplay Selfie Challenge, win a Zenfone Selfie

Win an Asus Zenfone Selfie. Details inside!

Mexico bags this year’s World Cosplay Summit championship

Team Mexico takes home crown with their Legend of Zelda performance

Eve brings arcade shooting VR fun with Gunjack teaser

Gratuitous space battles in VR!

The Witcher is getting a pen and paper RPG spinoff

Move over Geralt. Now players will get to play their very own Witcher in their own stories.

Now here’s a real FPS keyboard and mouse for the PS4

Now the great question is, does it perform?

It looks like the end times in Mockingjay Part II

Katniss Everdeen leads the final assault in this explosive trailer of Mockingjay Part II

We have some updates on the Warcraft movie from SDC 2015

Two images showing two sides of story in the upcoming Warcraft movie