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SK Broadband introducing 10Gbps internet service

Are you always in hurry? Perhaps SK Broadband can help you with its new 10Gbps service.

New PS Vita Trailer for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

The third Fate/Hollow Ataraxia trailer for PS Vita has been released so we might be seeing the game pretty soon

5 must-have cosplay tips

If you're a cosplayer, here's some survival tips if you're heading to any event

Bioshock goes mobile with iOS version

The popular game from 2K is now mobile and you can explore the world of Rapture on your iPad or iPhone

Malaysian government contemplating banning Facebook

Don't panic yet, they're still "studying" its feasibility but let's hope they don't take it seriously

TM enters the LTE fight with their TMGo service

Kedah and Melaka are the first two states to get coverage with more to follow
Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery

Spread Raya love with these Logitech gadgets

Delicious list of Logitech gadgets for Hari Raya.
Batman Lego

‘Dark Knight’ Batmobile gets LEGO treatment

The Dark Knight's Batmobile gets bricked.

LG shows off its new LG G3 Beats for the mid-range

LG's mid-range G3 makes its debut and it's not so "mini"

Maxis lets you “Raya dengan Gaya” with RM100 off on all its devices

It’s time to have some Raya cheer and Maxis is giving you a chance for some of it with some pretty decent discounts on the devices they’re carrying