Why worry about SPM when you can be a pornstar in Japan?

Worked your ass off studying for your Bachelor’s degree only to not land a proper job? Shitty economy? No money for food? Tired of eating kangkung every day? No worries cause we have a solution for you! 

14 more Transformers movies in the works, somebody please kill me

OH. MY. GOD. First, you say there’s going to be SIX more Resident Evil movies. Now, you say there’s going to be FOURTEEN more Transformers movies. Did anybody order a big steaming bag of horse sh*t? 

Zack Snyder takes a break from Justice League to deal with daughter’s death

A lot of us have a lot of things to say about Zack Snyder. Some are diehard fanboys while others would like to stone him to death after the whole “Martha” nonsense in Batman V Superman (to be fair it wasn’t his fault, it was the screenwriters’). But now isn’t the time for that. And this isn’t that sorta article. 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge Review

Captain Jack Sparrow is back yet again, in Pirates of the Caribbean Salazar’s Revenge, a surprisingly enjoyable pirate adventure that stars a mix of old and new faces, that somehow manages to keep the franchise afloat.

The official Splatoon manga is finally going English

The official Splatoon manga is getting it’s English release later this year, as confirmed by publisher Viz Media.

The Fairy Tail manga is ending in 10 chapters

Looks like the end is in sight for Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga, as it’s just been announced that the serialization will end in 10 chapters.

This Dragon Quest Nintendo 2DS XL smiles back at you

Celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year, the Dragon Quest franchise have spawned a handful of merch that goes from slime shaped controllers all the way to eye drops. While those are a little on the weirder side of tie-in merch, this themed Nintendo 2DS XL, on the other hand, makes perfect sense.

Razer and Bungie announce partnership and release new products

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, today announced a partnership with Bungie, one of the world’s most respected games studios, on its upcoming title Destiny 2, published and distributed by Activision.

The Rock reveals why he’s excited to play Black Adam

Wait. Is this movie still happening? A Shazam / Black Adam movie has been stuck in development hell for a while now, just like most movies that are announced to be in the DCEU. The Flash still doesn’t have a director, God knows what’s happening to The Batman and do we really need Gotham City Sirens

Oh no, we’re getting more Resident Evil

For a second there I actually believed that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter would actually be THE FINAL CHAPTER. Looks like I popped the champagne for nothing because there’s going to be more of this nonsense.