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Batman Ninja Main pic

There’s a Ninja Batman Anime coming in 2018

Batman gets his anime debut and he's going to be a ninja!

The Anime Film Festival Malaysia starts tomorrow!

Love anime and movies? then you're going to want to visit this year's Anime Film Festival Malaysia! In partnership with The Odex Film Festival (TOFF)...

SNOW’s just added in new Pokemon themed stamps

SNOW's just got a brand new sticker set, celebrating the release of the Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! film. Previously partnering up with Attack...

Original Godzilla animated series roars on to Netflix

Netflix has just announced that they'll be bringing the King of the Monsters to their slate, with an exclusive global premiere following its theatrical release in...
Live action anime manga 2017

Here’s the top 10 live-action anime/manga adaptations to watch this 2017

All hyped up for these manga/anime to movie adaptations that will be rolling out in the coming year? We've put together a list of...

Japanese fans vote in the most nefarious anime villains

Without a good villain, any story will fall flat on its face if the hero doesn't have his conflict. Be it a villain that look...

Muv-Luv Schwarzesmarken set for January 2016

Grim, despair and brutal mecha war story, Schwarzesmarken is coming this way next year.

Koei Tecmo announces a new Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan game

New game based on popular anime/manga franchise by makers of Musou/Warriors folks is a towering marvel

City Hunter special OAD/OVA confirmed

Nostalgic fans might able to see the last hurrah for the series that used to rule the anime world in the 80's and early 90's

Powerpuff Girls is back

The old series is back with sugar, spice, everything nice and Chemical X