Review : Final Fantasy Record Keeper


Released in English earlier this month, Final Fantasy Record Keeper has finally hit for both Android and iOS, much to the delight of Final Fantasy fans everywhere.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is pretty much aimed directly said fans as you get to relive key moments from each game represented by painted pictures in their individual halls. It’s not the first Final Fantasy game put on mobile by Square Enix but it’s one of the more unique ones we’ve seen so far. Granted it’s not the first ever game from the company to feature crossovers from different games in the series with Final Fantasy Dissidia being the most popular one to date.

The basic premise of the game is that your kingdom thrives on stories which are bound in the form of paintings kept in the Royal Archive, which in turn are kept safe by the Record Keepers until one day the records in the paintings started to disappear, bringing ruin upon the world. Your job? revitalise the paintings by reliving the memories preserved within them with the aid of heroes from their respective stories.

The game essentially puts you in the shoes of Tyro, a young Record Keeper who is tasked to relive and ultimately rejuvenate each painting to avert whatever darkness cursing the land. Sound familiar?

Right in the nostalgia

While it is based mostly on the Final Fantasy series, Record Keeper does share some basic characteristics with other mobile RPG type games like Brave Frontier; both have energy bars that dictate how many battles you can have that session, level-able units, premium item system, daily dungeons as well as a simplified, somewhat linear gameplay style.

Kill it with Thunder!

The game is free to play but has the option to “pay to play” by buying Gems to help nab yourself better equipment, inventory slots and even battle revives earlier on. The same things can be done with Mythril, which is earned via completing “Master” completion for certain battles. It’s great that the option is there at least so players who don’t want to spend any real cash on pixels really need not do so.

Right now the game hasn’t had all “realms” opened yet but we’re sure that the entire cast of characters will run the gamut from the original Final Fantasy all the way to Final Fantasy XIII, with periodic updates bringing new dungeons and characters to the mix.

When you complete certain events or realms you will unlock more characters as well, but the game starts you off with a solid bunch of heroes to choose from core batch of character classes from the first Final Fantasy. Tyro is also extremely versatile, so with respect to a few exceptions, he can use the vast majority of weapons and abilities available ingame.

Can’t I take everyone with me?

Plan or die

To sum it up, each dungeon consists of a string of battles in multiple parts which you have to beat in order to progress. Each round will expend Stamina, which in turn needs to refill over time but as you progress you will get more stamina to spread around when you win Stamina shards. And a run through will consist of a listed amount of battles before you hit the boss at the end.

Here you will encounter a lot of familiar monsters, music and environs as you hack them to little bits but there’s still a bit of planning involved; when in a dungeon you basically cannot heal outside of battle unless you’re willing to expend Mythril or Gems and status effects as well as damage do get brought over from the previous battle.

Monsters weaknesses and strengths remain the same as they did in their original games, so you’ll do good to remember what kind of spells and equipment to pack; some are totally undefeatable otherwise.

You may not see it but actually half the party is poisoned

But there is a good reason to bring back heroes to their original realms. When you do so, equipment and heroes from said realm will synchronize and become a lot stronger than normal and this is evidenced by a blue glow around the characters and the items in question. They will even gain experience a lot faster too, so keeping this in mind while grinding levels makes it a heap easier.

Let them finish the battle while you mix yourself a cup of joe

And yes, the game can be a little grindy, so they’ve included a helpful auto attack button to help you plow though those baddies without lifting a finger. But going full auto does have a price; if your characters aren’t strong enough they can and will get clobbered; no skills and abilities are activated in auto so it’s best to be done when you’re confident enough that they can survive on their own.

Upgrade everything

One of the key aspects of progressing in Record Keeper is upgrading your equipment and abilities. While they’ve done away with level limits for equipping items, you have to upgrade them using other bits of equipment and special stones in order to make them stronger. When you have a high enough leveled piece of equipment and a duplicate of it, you can combine it to create a stronger version of itself till it reaches it’s max level cap.

Upgrades are expensive but essential

Abilities can be honed as well but instead of making them stronger, it allows them to be used more often. Abilities are created by fusing different stones together and these same stones are needed to hone them as well. It would have been nice if they had a combination system that let you create new special equipment but there’s still a possibility that might come along later.

The verdict

It does feel very good to relieve those little bits of your childhood but the game is still lacking in a few aspects. While the way each chapter in a realm is narrated does give you a rough summary of what is happening, if you’ve never played any Final Fantasy game before you will find yourself somewhat lost as there isn’t much story besides that. I would have liked less grinding but that’s sort of an integral part of the game too.

However, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is still nowhere near done and Square Enix is throwing in more goodies as the number of downloads increases as well as events that let you earn more characters and epic loot.

But they have managed to keep what small bits of the game quite faithful to it’s origin material. Battles are very familiar as are the characters and let’s be honest, it’s really cool to see characters from newer Final Fantasy games as sprites.

Now if I could only defeat Rufus!

Total War: Warhammer is announced

The Orcs want to have a word with you

Creative Assembly who are famous for epic scale turn based strategy games which based on real history has gone fantasy with the new reveal of Total War: Warhammer. Based on the Games Workshop world, it is the sister title to another famous franchise, Warhammer 40K which is sci-fi in nature.

According to the publisher, Sega, the Total War: Warhammer will wage the war on Mac, StreamOS and Windows PC. However, the word “soon” did not translate into exact date yet. According to Sega, they are planning “trilogy of titles” for the Totar War: Warhammer with the first game will combine with pair of stand-alone installments and additional content packs.

We’ve always loved the Warhammer universe, and couldn’t wait to approach it with the same colossal scale and authenticity that has characterised our titles for the last 15 years,” according to Total War: Warhammer project lead Ian Roxburgh, “We’re bringing it to life in a way that nobody’s attempted before.

In the trailer, we can see the armies of Empire, Orks, Dwarves, Undead and Goblins plus the coming menace of Chaos God Tzeentch which could be an unplayable enemy NPC faction. Notable absences are the two elven armies, Skaven and Lizardmen, but it is safe to say that publisher will release some factions as downloadable DLC after the release of the main game in rapid succession. And of course, the heroes will play a major role in the wars as seen with the Empire hero and the Undead shown in the trailer.

Let’s hope the bugs and lack of good AI will not plague this game too.

Via Youtube & PC Gamer

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New trailer and visual key for Bakemono no Ko


The official visual key of the movie
The official visual key of the movie

Mamoru Hosoda, famous for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children and Summer Wars is releasing new trailer and visual key for his latest effort, Bakemono no Ko/バケモノの子 (The Boy and the Beast). The movie is scheduled to be shown in Japan on 11 June 2015. The movie is already earmarked for a French release under studio Gaumont but no word if any English release for the movie outside Japan yet.

The movie’s poster showing a grown up male main character

The animation directors are Takaaki Yamashita (Digimon: The Movie, Wolf Children) and Tatsuzou Nishida (Summer Wars) whereas art directors are Takashi Omori (Ponyo, From Up on Poppy Hill), Youhei Takamatsu and Youchi Nishikawa. Music scoring handled by Masakatsu Takagi (Wolf Children) and the movie is animated by Studio Chizu ( Wolf Children ). The main cast for the movie are Aoi Miyazaki (Colorful), Shota Sometani (Wolf Children) and Koji Yakusho.

The director discusses the premise of his coming movie in little bit more detail during a conference:

The movie is a training story about a boy who was separated from his parents and becomes a disciple of a bakemono (supernatural creature). It’s going to be a traditional yet novel story. [I think] that there are thrilling things hidden in this town [Shibuya] of adventure. There are surprisingly few animated works set in Shibuya. Even though it’s a famous place, it’ll be novel as a movie setting.

The official synopsis of the movie is as follows:

The story is set in the human realm (Tokyo’s Shibuya ward) and the bakemono realm (“Shibutenmachi”). In these two worlds which must not intersect, there lives a lonely boy and a lonely bakemono. One day, the boy gets lost in the bakemono world, becomes the disciple of the bakemono Kumatetsu, and is renamed Kyūta.

Mamoru Hosoda have a deft touch on his films so we expect not much deviation of his competent skills when comes to helming anime movies. This should be a delightful watch, the only question is will it be as good as his award winning, critically acclaimed Wolf Children or not.

Via Official Site & MAL

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Telltale Games and Marvel join forces for 2017?

Big news for Telltale Games and Marvel fans! A short while ago, the game company which is famous for critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series and currently running Game of Thrones announced a partnership with Marvel for unspecified, unnamed title for 2017 release. According to the blog, they are working on an “upcoming Telltale series game project”.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else to say at this moment.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Telltale

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The Xiaomi Mi 4i is innovative, compact and likely very affordable

After being teased over the last few days on Xiaomi’s twitter feed, the brand’s mysterious ‘global Mi phone’ is now official, the Xiaomi Mi4i.

Looking a lot like the cheaper, slightly more plastic version of the Xiaomi Mi4 which was launched last year, the Mi4i is very much an alternative to the Mi4 as opposed to being a replacement for the previous version.

The smartphone has a polycarbonate unibody design that’s thinner and lighter than the Mi4, coming in at just 7.8mm thick and weighing 130g.

Running it will be a 2nd gen 64-bit quad-core Snapdragon 615 processor that runs at both 1.7GHz and 1.1GHz, 2GB RAM as well as 16GB storage with dual-SIM connectivity on top. The battery is just a hair larger than it’s predecessor at 3120mAh, but it supports Quick Charge and is rated at 1.5 days of average use before needing a charge.

The screen is a 5 inch 1080p IPS display at 441ppi which features Sunlight Display which automatically adjusts screen brightness and image quality in direct sunlight. It’s supposedly much brighter and saves up to 30 percent more battery than regular brightness adjustment. The Mi4i will also be Xiaomi’s first smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop with MIUI 6.0 out of the box.


Unfortunately, the Mi4i doesn’t support a microSD card slot so you are going to be stuck with just that 16GB storage.

The rear camera is a 13 MP shooter with Xiaomi’s 5-element lens and a wide f/2.0 aperture, with the front camera a 5 MP snapper with a f/1.8 aperture with a 80 degree wide angle.

Devices in India will also get to enjoy Visual IVR that will take the bite out the customer service experience on mobile letting you to skip voice prompts by displaying it all on screen instead. Visual IVR will be in the MIUI beta build in India first before it’s rolled out to everyone else.

The Xiaomi Mi4i will retail for Rs.12999 (about RM 746) and will come in blue, white, black, yellow, pink, with the Malaysian availability coming in May, with the price likely to be under the RM 800 mark.

Images from

The filming of Ghost in the Shell begins next year


Can she fill the shoes?
Can she fill the shoes?

The main star of the upcoming live action adaptation of the Japanese sci-fi cyberpunk series, Ghost in the Shell told the media that the shooting will begin next year. Scarlett Johansson who made her mark as the main female action star thanks to her role as Black Widow in the Avengers movie, quoted this, “It’s happening. It will be shooting the beginning of next year, so I think we start production January or February and it’s me and Rupert [Sanders]; and that’s all I know.

Early this year , Walt Disney Pictures told the world that the movie is set to be released on 14 April 2017 which is a week after the opening of Guillermo del Toro’s mecha epic sequel to Pacific Rim. The movie is to be directed by Rupert Sanders, director of Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) with William Wheeler (The Reluctant Fundamentalist) penning the script. Avid Arad (Spider-Man series) and Steven Paul (Tekken: Rise of the Tournament) is on board as producers.

However, some fans of the franchise are not too happy with the choice as shown in the online petition here. 48, 000 signatures collected so far since it is opened early this year, the author of petition accusing Hollywood’s constant “whitewashing” will ruin the movie. Based on the disappointing boxoffice performance of The Edge of Tomorrrow last year, the fears might be justified.

Via Collider & IGN

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Fate/Grand Order is updated with a new Saber and trailer

The first Saber for the game
The first Saber for the game

Type-Moon’s official site finally opens the specific site for upcoming smartphone game based on Fate universe, Fate/Grand Order. The game is scheduled for 2015 release and unveiled first game unique character for Saber designed by Huke. This particular Saber is voiced by Mamiko Noto (Kara no Kyokai, Freezing).

More details on her
More details on her
Saber designed by Huke
Saber designed by Huke

The game will be available in Japan for Android and iOS platforms but no news regarding about the pricing or date of release yet. The game features the battle for Holy Grail across seven time periods written by founder Kinoko Nasu. Not only that, the game boasts an impressive lineup of artist from Huke (Steins;Gate) to BunBun and Rei Hiroe (Black Lagoon). Art direction and supervisor will be Kinoko Nasu’s best friend, Takeshi Takeuchi whereas game development handled by DELIGHTWORKS. The story is based on the combination of Fate/Apocrypha ( Higashide Yuuichirou) and Fate/Prototype: Fragments (Sakurai Hikaru).

The list of artist: I-Ⅳ, Ain Cross, Sougetsu Takao (TYPE-MOON), AKIRA, Azusa, Ishida Akira, Okazaki Takeshi, okojo, Ginka, Konoe Ototsugu, Koyama Hirokazu (TYPE-MOON), Sakamoto MineG, Sasaki Shounen, Shima Udon (TYPE-MOON), Shima Doriru, Kaetsu (TYPE-MOON), Shirabii, Sinjiro, Sumiei, Taiki, Takahashi Keitarou, Takayama Kisai, Takenoko Seijin, Tasukuouna, danciao, Chuuou Higashiguchi, Tenkuusufia, Nakahara, Namaniku ATK (Nitroplus), pako, Bsuke, Hidari, Hiroe Rei, Hiroyama Hiroshi, PFALZ, Fukumaru Mochi, huke, BLACK (TYPE-MOON), BUNBUN, Maeda Hirotaka, Mata, Matsu Ryuu, Miwa Shirou, Morii Shidzuki, Moriyama Daisuke, Yamanaka Kotetsu, RAITA, Ryota-H, Rin Kususaga, Arco Wada

According to the site, this is the list of Holy Grail wars featured in game story:

“The First Grail: AD 1431 – ■■■■■ Hundred Year War — Orlea” – “The Holy Maiden Savior”

First Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_C+

“The Second Grail: AD 0060 – The Eternal ■■■■■ Empire – Septem” — “The Emperor of Roses”

Second Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_B+

“The Third Grail: AD 1573 – The Four Sealed Seas of the End – Okeanos” — “The Navigator of the Storm”

Third Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A

“The Fourth Grail: AD 1888 – ■■■■■■■■” — “The Knight of Londium”

Fourth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A-

“The Fifth Grail: AD 1783 — ■■■■■■■■■i Pluribas Unam” — “The White Cloth of ■■■■■■■”

Fifth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A+

“The Sixth Grail: AD 1273 — ■■■■■■■” – “The Shining Agatorum”

Sixth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_EX

“The Seventh Grail: BC ■■■■ — The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts ■■■■■■■■■” — “The Chain of Heaven”

Seventh Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_■

First trailer of the game:

And finally, the latest trailer of the game:

Sadly, it is not known if this game will be available to international gamers.


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Valiant lays down a new cinematic universe with Bloodshot & Harbringer

The crossover
The crossover

Sony Pictures is on the offensive to charm geeks everywhere with plans for a movie adaptation of Robotech, Metal Gear Solid and now, Valiant Entertainment’s Bloodshot and Harbringer.

Valiant Entertainment signed up a five movie deal with Sony – two movies each for said titles and the final fifth movie as a crossover between these two just like the crossover comic published back in 2013, Harbringer Wars. They are hoping to put out Bloodshot first as a 2017 release which will be directed by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski (John Wick), screenplay penned by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) and Eric Heisserer. Executive producers will be Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) and Jason Kothari.

Meanwhile for Harbringer, Eric Heisserer will be handling the script. This is what we know so far as to who’s behind this project. All five movies will be produced by Dinesh Shamdasani from the Valiant Entertainment. Meanwhile, producers of Fast & Furious franchise and 21 Jump Street, Neal H.Moritz and Toby Jaffe is on board too whereas Sony is sending Andrea Gianetti to make sure Sony’s interest is taken care of. There is no announcement for the casting yet so far.

Besides this, it is rumoured that the company is developing Archer & Armstrong and supernatural thriller Shadowman too but we do not know if these two will be a movie adaptation or as television series.

Will Valiant Entertainment able to challenge Marvel & DC Comics for the lucrative market of comic adaptations? Time will tell.

Source: THR

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Netflix’s Daredevil gets second season greenlit

The Man Without Fear
The Man Without Fear

If you’ve recently binge watched Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil, we’re pretty sure you’ll be pumped up with this piece of news. Daredevil has gotten the greenlight for a second season.

After receiving a positive reactions from audiences and critics, the Man Without Fear will continue to live on with Netflix streaming lineup in 2016. There is a couple of major changes though in the production team. Current season showrunner Steven S DeKnight (Spartacus)  will not be coming back in the new season.

The reason? DeKnight mentioned in a tweet that he has previous commitments that will clash with upcoming second season scheduling:

So who’s going to be taking over? Doug Petrie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story) and Marco Ramirez (Sons of Anarchy, Orange Is the New Black).  In addition to that,  Petrie, Ramirez, Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods), and Jeph Loeb (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) will serve as executive producers for next season. It’s not like the new showrunners are newbies either. Petrie and Ramirez worked on Season One as co-executive producer and supervising producer respectively while Drew Goddard wrote the first two episodes of the series. It’s also nice to see a reunion of sorts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s alumnus.

Undoubtedly, the next season of Daredevil is in good hands judging from the production team’s roster despite the major departure of DeKnight.

The bad thing though is we still have to wait a whole freaking year for the second season to debut.

Source: IGN & Marvel

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New trailer and posters for the live action Attack on Titan

The new poster for first movie
The new poster for first movie

A new trailer and posters for the live action Attack on Titan movies is up in anticipation of their release this coming August and September. Two brand new posters and one brand new teaser trailer have recently gone up, and we’re pretty sure it’ll get fans of the franchise all hot and bothered, especially those pining for the second season announcement of its anime series.

The ensemble of the movies
The ensemble of the movies

If you’re wondering, the live-action Attack on Titan debut on the big screen will be split into two movies. The first one will be simply titled Attack on Titan. It’ll be rumbling down into cinemas (at least in Japan) on 1 August 2015 and will then be followed by a second movie called Attack on Titan: End of the World which is scheduled for a 19 September 2015 opening at Japanese cinemas.

For those of us outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, no known international screening plans have been announced so far but fret not. Considering that the Rurouni Kenshin did find its way into our cinemas when it was released means that we should also expect at least some form of international distribution to in plans. If not, we reckon there’s going to be riot as Attack on Titan is one of the hottest anime franchise that’s out at the moment.

Until then though, enjoy some the new teaser below.

Source: Official Site

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