Samsung develops faster Wi-Fi tech

Samsung Galaxy
The ubiquitous Samsung GALAXY smartphone

Samsung has developed a new Wi-Fi technology that will bring data transmission speeds up to 5x more than currently available in the consumer market. Imagine a 1GB transferred between devices in less than 3 seconds while being able to stream an uncompressed HD video in real time. Samsung calls it “60GHz Wi-Fi technology” and adopting 802.11ad as the new protocol standard for it. We call it simply “superfast.”

In an official statement by the South Korea giant, this technology removes the gap between theoretical and actual I/O speeds so it exhibits actual speeds more than 10x compared to today’s Wi-Fi technology (you mean we’ve been lied to all this while?). The head of the R&D centre, Kim Chang Yong, claims that Samsung has successfully overcome the commercial barrier for application of 60GHz Wi-Fi technology.

Samsung is expecting the new Wi-Fi technology to be incorporated into its products as early as next year, starting with its AV products, medical and telecommunications equipment.

With new pressures from emerging China manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus, Samsung reported a massive 60% plunge in profit for the last quarter citing stagnating smartphone sales plus a commissioning of a new USD$14.6 billion semiconductor plant in South Korea.

Interestingly, it was revealed earlier this month that Samsung paid Microsoft USD$1 billion last year for Microsoft’s owned patents in Android. Right now, Samsung is trying to argue its way out of it by claiming the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft voiding this arrangement.

Innovation and new tech may be one of the ways for Sammy to pull away from intense competition especially in the mobile space.

Medicom Toy’s Fate/Stay Rin Tohsaka and KanKore Akagi released

The new Medicom figures of Fate/Stay Rin and the KanKore Akagi
The new Medicom figures of Fate/Stay Rin and the KanKore Akagi
The new Medicom figures of Fate/Stay Rin and the KanKore Akagi

Medicom Toy Japan has just revealed two stunningly detailed and beautiful figures in its 30cm Real Action Heroes lineup. They are Rin Tohsaka from the currently airing Fate/Stay Night anime and KanKore‘s anthropomorphic figure of the real World War 2 Japanese aircraft carrier, Akagi.

Each figure comes with its own separate set of accessories, iconic to the figures, to display.

Rin, for example, has her infamous Zeltrech multidimensional sword and Azoth sword together with her more modest school uniform. The figure also comes with Rin’s three most often seen facial expressions. That’s not all, Medicom even took the trouble to replicate her tattooed left forearm, which is her Magic Circuit and the Command Spell on her right hand.

As for the Akagi figure, she comes with her bow and arrows, a curious bucket, few optional hands and an articulated figure stand.

Both figures are sculpted by HIDE & PERFECT-STUDIO while clothes sewn by Mieko Akimoto. The figures are scheduled to be on sale on July 2015 with a whopping retail price of JPY25,488 (around RM772) each.

Rin Tohsaka Gallery

KanKore Akagi Gallery

For more pictures and details, check out their product site here.

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6 reasons why Marvel isn’t worried about the DC movies

Marvel won't break a sweat even with DC's movie roster (Image from DC and Marvel)

Warner Bros have just announced that they will be making 10 movies based on DC Comics characters from 2016 to 2020, starting with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and to be followed by two Justice League movies, one Suicide Squad movie, and solo movies for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg.

LG G3 Screen to use LG’s own processor

Introducing the NUCLUN

Samsung isn’t the only smartphone player that has its own processor. Their fellow South Korean compatriot LG has recently  announced that their next smartphone, the LG G3 Screen will be powered by their own homemade processor called the NUCLUN.

Aside from sounding like some nuclear weapon’s acronym, the NUCLUN, like Samsung’s own Exynos processor, is an octa-core processor that is based off of the ARM big.LITTLE architecture. It packs four 1.5GHz cores for high end processing tasks with another four 1.2GHz cores for minimal processing tasks like light internet browsing or mail checks. As such, battery life conservation can be significantly improved. LG claims that the number of processing cores can even be tweaked to perform more efficiently when needed.

Now that’s all fine in the power department, but how about network connectivity? You don’t have to worry about that as the NUCLUN processor supports LTE-A Cat.6 (yep, that’s LTE Advanced for you) and can reach download speeds up to 225MBps. It’ll also definitely be compatible with current the LTE networks, including the ones being rolled out here in Malaysia.

The LG G3 screen with NUCLUN processor (Image from Androidcentral)
The LG G3 screen with NUCLUN processor (Image from Androidcentral)

So which lucky LG smartphone will be sporting this spanking new processor? It’ll be another variant of the LG G3 of course (boy LG is really milking the G3 name). In fact it’ll be a phablet variant called the LG G3 Screen. The  model in question will sport a 5.9-inch Full HD IPS display, which thus puts it in the phablet category. So what else is kitted out on it? There’s 32GB of internal storage, 2GB RAM, a 13-megapixel rear camera that’s also equipped with OIS like the G3, and 2.1MP front camera. The LG G3 Screen phablet will come in two colours, black and white and is already released in South Korea. Chances of it coming to Malaysia (with the rest of the OTHER G3 phones)? From the looks of it nil. Come on LG Malaysia, quit diddling and bring your freaking phones in already.

Source: LG

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Evolution of the Magical Girl anime

Evo Magical Girl

Being one of those who grew up on anime, one of my biggest and most secret fantasies was to become a magical girl. That’s right; minute long transformations with colourful lights, a cool signature outfit, speeches of love and justice and a cute animal sidekick as a guide.

While that’s how many of us would think of it, it’s a pretty generic view of what constitutes as a magical girl anime. There’s a lot more to the genre than cute young girls with powers, saving their loved ones, or even in most cases, the world, as different anime bring different and new elements that have made the magical girl genre so renowned today. So get your transformation items ready as we go through the most influential magical girl anime from its inception until today.

The first few magical girls

Sally the Witch, the anime that started the magical girl genre (Image from
Sally the Witch, the anime that started the magical girl genre (Image from

Due to the influence of the American TV series Bewitched, the first magical girl anime can seem pretty generic as it was similar to its American counterpart. Even so, a new genre was born with Sally the Witch (1966) being the first magical girl anime to grace the screens – in black and white. Like the American version, Sally used her powers to help her friends while trying to keep her identity as a witch a secret, which sparked the popularity of having girls being magical.

Even after 45 years, Himitsu no Akko-chan is still popular and even has a live movie (images from Animanga Wiki and
Even after 45 years, Himitsu no Akko-chan is still popular and even has a live movie (images from Animanga Wiki and

So while Sally started the genre, it was the anime Himitsu no Akko-chan (1969) that created the basis of what we know of magical girls today; where the protagonist is an average girl who is gifted with magical powers. In Akko-chan’s case, she was given a magical mirror that allowed her to transform into anyone or even anything she wanted. Until today, Himitsu no Akko-chan remains popular with two remakes and even a live-action movie out!

Another noteworthy anime is Majokko Megu-chan (1974) that looks generic enough, but it was the first anime to have a magical girl deal with dark themes that challenged the usually bubbly and fun magical girl protagonist. This anime had the protagonist Megu-chan deal with not only losing to bad guys, but themes of suicide as well.

But Majokko Megu-chan also brought in a particular trope that many of us who watch anime are familiar with. Due to the bad guys constantly wanting her to take her clothes off, the age of fanservice had arrived in the magical girl genre, and boys have now become a part of the audience to a genre that was once always catered to girls. But we girls don’t mind sharing, do we? After all, we want boys to see how kickass girls can be! But can fanservice really make the magical girl genre better?

Tsukimonogatari has more details

An update on the Tsukimonogatari series. Little was known about the series previously, but now some details have surfaced.

The adaptation of the 13th book of the Monogatari light novel series will be four episodes long slated for airing on New Year’s Eve in Japan. Blu-Ray and DVD formats will be expected around February and March 2015 respectively. Hiroshi Kamiya and Saori Hayami will reprise their roles again as Koyomi Araragi and Yotsugi Ononoki respectively. Akiyuki Shinbo will be the main director again and writer for this series with Tomoyuki Itamura serving as the director. Animation duties will still fall under Studio Shaft with Akio Watanabe spearheading the team.

The airing of the Tsukimonogatari parallels the previous New Year’s Eve airing of Nekomonogatari back in 2012. Several tweets talks about the details:

Source: Official Site
Illustration: ©Kodansha BOX/VOFAN

Watch the presentation of Final Fantasy Type – 0 and Final Fantasy XV, now with English subtitles

Final Fantasy fans who don’t speak Japanese or read moonrunes, don’t despair!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Square Enix is generous enough to release the 50-minute presentation of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in glorious English subtitles. Now non-Japanese speaking fans can get an update of the upcoming Final Fantasy titles “straight from the horse’s mouth.” The presenters are Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Akio Ofuji, manager of the Marketing Division.

Final Fantasy Type- 0 HD is coming to PS 4 and Xbox One in North America and Europe on 17 March and 20 March 2015 respectively, packed with a voucher for Final Fantasy XV demo called “Episode Duscae”. Watch the trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD shown at TGS 2014 below:

The fifteenth installment of series is said to be darker, focusing on more realistic human characters compared to other titles in the franchise previously. The story is a mythology of Fabula Nova Crystallis but totally different from previous titles. The Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is also part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos, proven to be very popular in Japan and sold well in the market. The plot for Type-0 focuses on 12 students who are skilled in magic when they are caught in war after a military empire sought to control the crystals at their land via invasion.

Source: Crunchyroll

[Video] Teaser of upcoming movie based on Project Itoh’s Genocidal Organ

Project Itoh

During Noitamina festivities in 10 March, the YouTube channel announced that after Psycho-Pass, the next movie will be based on the Genocidal Organ novel written by the late Satoshi Itō. Itō is better known as his pen name Project Itoh. The novelist passed away from cancer at the age of 34 in 2009 with three novels under his belt. No specific date for the movie is known yet but it will certainly debut in 2015.

This is the description of Genocidal Organ from Viz’s Haikasoru science fiction label which published his first novel in English:

“The war on terror exploded, literally, the day Sarajevo was destroyed by a homemade nuclear device. The leading democracies have transformed into total surveillance states, and the developing world has drowned under a wave of genocides. The mysterious American John Paul seems to be behind the collapse of the world system, and it’s up to intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd to track John Paul across the wreckage of civilizations and to find the true heart of darkness—a genocidal organ.”

No announcements made for casting, director or anything else about the movie yet known at this time.

His final novels, Harmony  and novelisation of Metal Gear Solid: Guns of Patriots were written while he was literally dying from cancer, released in Japan back in 2008.

Source: Project Itoh
Image by Redjuice @Project Itoh

World of Warcraft unleashes Warlords of Draenor expansion


Lo and behold! Here we go, Blizzard will be releasing the fifth expansion pack for their phenomenal MMORPG, World of Warcraft called Warlords of Draenor on 13 November 2014 (ok, it’s late). The focus of this expansion is the Orcs with Hellscream, as featured prominently in the trailer below.

What’s more, in order to entice old players to return, Blizzard stated, “To make the transition to Warlords of Draenor as seamless as possible for current and returning players, all previous expansions have been added to all existing World of Warcraft accounts. This means that moving forward, all current subscribers and everyone reactivating their subscription will automatically be up-to-date with the latest content through Mists of Pandaria,”

There will also be a free update of Iron Tide patch 6.0.2 which, according to Blizzard, “introduces tons of new content and features to the game.”

The new content includes characters and interface upgrades. A pre-expansion digital purchase will boost up the character to level 90. In their statement about the fifth expansion, Blizzard also proudly announced World of Warcraft has a player population of 7.4 million, which is still quite hefty, despite not the same level as its peak of 12 million players back in 2010.

Standard edition is selling for USD49.99 whereas Digital Deluxe is priced at USD69.99.

Source: Official Site

10-year old Working!! to have its last laugh on Christmas 2014

2014 is the year where many popular manga titles are ending their run. Titles like Claymore, Naruto and Battle Angel Alita or Gumnn are already nearing or finished their runs in this year alone. Now we have another one coming at the end of the year.

The announcement

A magazine scan of Square Enix’s bimonthly manga publication, Young Gangan, announced the end of a 10-year syndication of comedy manga, Working!! in the next issue which is slated to be published on 25 December 2014.

Drawn by Karino Takatsu, it was launched back in 2005 and has since spawned two successful anime seasons with one coming soon, 12 compiled manga volumes and a strong, loyal fan base.

The four koma or four panel manga talks about an eccentric crew at a family restaurant called Wagnaria. Amongst them is a female waitress who carries a katana sword all the time, a former-delinquent manager who is a glutton for ice-cream and an emo chef who can’t get anything straight at all.

The slice of life series main characters are the cute and petite Popura Taneshima and closet lolicon lover Souta Takanashi, who joined the establishment because he fawned over Popura, his senior at school.

Bon voyage, Working!!. Thanks for 10 years of laughter.


Via: Crunchyroll