Dark Souls III gameplay looks awesome but challenging

Dark Souls III/ダークソウルIII gameplay video looks absolutely challenging and fear-invoking.

Recently premiered at Gamescom 2015, the video promises more guts, more glory, more punishments for any intrepid players. Anyone who is brave enough to descend into this darkness will tango with more ridiculous monsters and enemies that just want to make players into fancy shishkebabs.

Dragons, undead skeletons, zombies to ghostly knight etc – you name it, it is all here.

Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki (Armored Core, Dark Souls) and Isamu Okano, the former is the mastermind of RPG elements seen in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The gameplay video showcasing the new “Battle Arts” system where every weapon is equipped with a unique Battle Art.

Coming from FromSoftware with publishing rights under Namco Bandai, the game is set to haunt the souls of every adventurer on PC Windows, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2016.

via Youtube

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Portal boardgame to come with Portal 2, turrets and plenty of cake


The long awaited Portal game has finally emerged from the nether; as a collaboration between Valve and Cryptozoic Entertainment to bring us turrets, portal and lots of cake.

Debuted at this year’s Gen Con, the $49.99 (about RM 193) board game named Portal: THe Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game is bundled together with a Steam code for Portal 2 out of the box. The game basically is a modular board game and you’re trying to kill the other test subjects, all for cake.


Test chambers are aligned in rows of three on the table and players take turns moving their test subjects around the board. The main goal is to have the majority of subjects in a room when it falls off the right side of the board so the human contents get “recycled” and you earn action cards and slices of cake. The chambers are then flipped over to reveal new rewards. Action cards allow you to make special moves with said test subjects or to place things inside rooms, like a turret or maybe a Companion cube around the board.

The game is apparently quite fast paced and brings to life the humour that made Portal so memorable. Of course, the entirety of the set smacks of the game’s artwork and the box looks like it was squirreled away from Aperture’s own labs after languishing for decades.


The game apparently has been in production for quite some time but Cryptozoic is pretty sure that fans will love the game. We don’t know when the game will be released but it shouldn’t be too far off since it’s pretty much ready to hit the market.

So what do you think? will you kil…er experiment for the sake of cake?

via Polygon

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Sword Art Online previews Asuna’s “Final Form”


Reki Kawahara who is popular for works like Sword Art Online and Accel World, has teased  Asuna’s “final form” as the cover art for volume 16 of the main light novel series.

Illustrated by artist abec, it showcases Asuna’s new look, which looks like the combination of her elf form and the original Aincrad uniform. Here is the Twitter announcement:

The story will be second volume in the “Alicization” arc where Kirito is hopelessly trapped in another unknown gameworld that has little resemblance to the old gaming world that he is familiar with. Not to mention he has picked up a new love interest, another addition to his already huge harem. Now speculations are rife with that Asuna might gain access to this world in order to rescue her beloved Kirito; hence the new “final form” look that she is sporting on the cover.

The novel will be out on 8 August 2015.

Besides this, the new manga cover for Sword Art Online Progressive vol 4 by Himura Kiseki is already out too, set to publish on 7 August 2015:

And finally a spin-off manga based on story arc in Volume 8 of the light novel, “Calibur” by Shii Kiya:


Source: Twitter

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Claire Redfield is back for one last time in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Claire Redfield
Ali Larter as Claire Redfield

Ali Larter (Heroes) is back for the final chapter/installment of Resident Evil movies.

Despite the hatred/thumb downs it has earned from the critics, the franchise is still going strong with five titles in it – having made enough money to account for half of the highest grossing video game films worldwide. Paul W.S. Anderson (DOA: Dead or Alive, Pompeii) is set to direct Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with Milla Jovovich back for one last time as Alice. Ali Larter will reprise her role as Claire Redfield (seen in Resident Evil: Afterlife 2010) in the last hurrah for the popcorn friendly franchise.

The story is about the humanity’s last stand against the Red Queen, resolving the cliffhanger from the fifth movie, Resident Evil: Retribution (2012). The pre-production of the film has already started according to Jovovich; and the principal filming will begin in September this year.

Li Bing Bing (Ada Wong) and Wentworth Miller (Chris Redfield) are expected to be back for the movie too, giving the fans a final bang involving all beloved Resident Evil main characters. The final war is expected to begin at the cinemas on September 2016.

Source: Deadline

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The Lexus Hoverboard is intensely cool

It ain’t quite the board from Back to the Future but great Scott it works!

[Geek Movie Review] Fantastic Four

After the success of Chronicle showed that Josh Trank could handle decent super-heroics on an modest budget, he seemed like an inspired choice to direct the inevitable Fantastic Four reboot over at Fox studios (Fox needs to churn out one of these movies every couple of years or the rights revert back to Marvel Studios and Disney).

You can now custom order the PlayBox 4One MK II

The PlayBox 4ONe MK II
Two gaming consoles in one… AGIAN!

Looks like Ed from Ed’s Junk is at it again and this time he is accepting orders! Previously, Ed had created a custom console housing laptop called the PlayBox 4One Laptop which housed  two competing consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, in one console housing with it’s own 22-inch screen. Back then you had to personally contact Ed and send him your systems to be fit into the housing to get yourself your own PlayBox. Now hardcore gamers can order directly from Ed via paypal with the consoles themselves included.

The improved model, the PlayBox4One Laptop MK II has a few notable differences that the previously model didn’t have. The first notable thing is that he has changed the monitor size and has made the laptop slightly wider. The reason is that he has changed from the usual 22-inch monitor to a 24 -inch monitor due to supply problems but by increasing the overall length of the housing it has given the creator more space to include on the machine. Unlike the previous model, he did not have enough space to include all the external features of both the Ps4 and Xbox One, so some had to be sacrificed, however, in the updated model he has included the USB ports for the Xbox One that he previously sacrificed and has allowed for more heat vents. Sadly, he has still not found a solution for integrating the Ps4 camera and the Xbox Kinect into the housing.

playbox closed

Other than those changes, the MK II is identical to the first model with Wi-Fi support, Smart HDMI switcher, and HDMI cable support for those who want to play on a bigger screen. However, unlike the previous model, he is now accepting online orders for the MK II.

Interested parties will have to put down a total of USD $2,595 (about RM 10,062) for a MK II without any additional extras modification.The creator does offer graphical customization for the MK II, but within reason as it takes him roughly 2-3 weeks to finish a basic model. Furthermore, to secure a place on the waiting list for a PlayBox, a deposit of USD $1,200 (about RM 4653) is required and he will contact the interested party about any extras for the model and it’s progress. He, however, does remind international customers that the set up works using a 110v AC power brick and should find the appropriate step down transformer to avoid complications.

Each PlayBox 4One MK II is unique in its own right as Ed is always finding ways to improve the model as he goes and that excludes the special extras that is requested.

More information about the PlayBox 4One MK II and how to get one is available here.

Source Ed’s Junk

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The Witcher 3 set to get 1.08 patch before New Game Plus DLC

witcher on the horse

It seems that the team behind the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED, are currently hard at work pushing out an important patch before their free New Game Plus DLC that they have promised players. The 1.08 patch, according to CD Projekt RED Community manager Marcin Momot, currently has no release window but will be out before the free DLC is released. The contents of the patch itself remains as elusive as ever but many speculate that the patch will include some assets for the upcoming free DLC. Furthermore, there are many more tweaks and patches to be released after the DLC such as tweaks to Triss’ romance option dialog to make it more satisfying.

However, what has been confirmed is the contents of the DLC itself. The New Game Plus DLC will include a new mode of the same name. The new mode is one of the most player respected features that wasn’t available at launch,  and it will allow players, who have completed the game once to carry over to the next playthrough, to keep all their items except for Quest Items, usable items, letters, trophies and Gwent Cards, are given a free Potion of Clearance and get to start the game at the level reached in the first playthrough if the level is higher than 30.

The 1.08 patch and the free DLC, currently, have no announced release window but are expected to improve an already excellent gaming experience.

via GeekSnack

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The Deadpool trailer is OUT and it looks awesome!

Deadpool poster 2

Yesterday 20th Century Fox released a wonderfully awesome teaser for the Deadpool trailer which was very much in the spirit of the Merc with a Mouth. Today, we get to see Deadpool in his full glory in the new trailer. Is it everything we’ve been hoping for?

If we’re going to judge a movie based on its trailer, then Deadpool has pushed all the right buttons. It’s everything we’re hoping to see in a Deadpool movie. There’s just the right amount of violence and most importantly, Deadpool style funny.

The titular character in full glory
Are you going to touch yourself after watching this?

There are two trailers available, the R-rated, red band version which is pretty NSFW. And then there’s the slightly more watered down green band version, which although lacks the cussing and pure violence of the former, it still manages to capture the essence of our favourite Merc with a Mouth from the comics.

Do enjoy both trailers below, we know we did. Hopefully, the released version will be the full on R-rated version because anything else would just be a cop out.

Deadpool is expected to hit cinema in February 2016.

Here’s the watered down, pansy green band version of the trailer

And here’s the awesome full on Wade Wilson, R-rated, NSFW version of the trailer

Source: 20th Century Fox Youtube 

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You have grown into a violent thing. A man of solitude, drifting across these sands. Fearing those who make you feel human.”

Avalanche Studios (Just Cause) with Warner Bros Game presents Mad Max Stronghold which will be available for PC- both Linux and Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on 1 September 2015.

Based on the boxoffice hit Mad Max franchise, the game lets players assume the role of a lone warrior in vast wasteland that has descended into a lawless, non-civilization society. The game developer confirms that the story is taking place before the events seen in Fury Road. Here, Max has to survive the environment, himself and a ruthless warlord named Scrotus. The strongholds, last remnants of civilization, are the key to his answer in that world.

The game is an open world sandbox, player can choose to ignore the story elements or embrace it as they see fit. Features such as dynamic weather, terrain affected by said weather and natural disasters plus the scarcity of everything are included. Max can choose to visit the strongholds in several regions of the game world or venture into Big Nothing on his own. If Max choose to complete the requests by the stronghold, the region will be more peaceful and less dangerous to go around.

Development has hit a few delays since it was announced at E3 2013 – first when the first demo came out, the game characters have American accent which was met with outcry from the fans. So the studio was forced to hire the Australian actor Bren Foster to do the Aussie accent. Second, the developers were forced to cancel the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions due to the limitations of the hardware to render the game. Avalanche also admitted that they find the vehicular combat a “challenge” due to their inexperience in handling it. This particular title is leaning heavily on the vehicular combat – 60 percent of the game requires player to fight enemies while driving the car.

Players who pre-ordered it will receive the Ripper, a nasty looking car accessory. The set also includes a steelbook, a collector’s box, a mini license plate and a Blu-ray copy of Mad Max: Fury Road in the game’s Post-Apocalypse Edition. Players who purchase the game for the PlayStation 4 can gain access to an exclusive content called the “Road Warrior Survival Kit”.


So far, the normal version is priced around US$59.88 (RM232) for PS4 and Xbox, no announcement for the Post-Apocalypse Edition yet.

Source: Official Site

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