After 18 years without a cinema, Kuala Terengganu is finally getting its first cineplex

Lotus Five Star Cinemas Kuala Terengganu

18 years is a pretty long time for a place to go without a cinema but that’s what Kuala Terengganu residents had to deal with since the then PAS state government enacted a ban on them back in 1999. The ban has been enforced over the last 18 years but now, Kuala Terengganu residences will finally get to watch their favourite movies in a brand, spanking new cineplex that opened its doors on 18 March, 2017.

Got carpal tunnel? There’s a Steam group for that

Gaming pretty much wrecks our wrists, and well those things are precious. Thankfully, a Steam group has cropped up that’s dedicated to keeping them in shape.

Gamers Hideout wrongfully accuses customer of stealing in a case of mistaken identity

We gamers just love our games, and dropping by a game store is usually on our list of places to go when we hit the mall. However, irrespective of what you’re doing in the store, be it buying something or just ogling at the latest releases, your trip is pretty much ruined by being accused of stealing from the store. That is exactly what happened to one such customer at Gamer’s Hideout.

Aquaman’s release date has been pushed back

Aquaman has had its release date pushed back a couple of months, setting the show to open in December as opposed to its original October release date.

Sony will be discontinuing the PlayStation 3 in Japan

It was only a matter of time till the PlayStation 3‘s death knell actually sounded, and it seems to be sooner than we thought.

Sony Pictures’ Venom flick has a release date

The standalone Venom movie is still in the works, despite The Amazing Spider-Man franchise being a little long in the tooth. Now that it’s moving forward, there’s plans to release the movie next year.

Bandai Namco brings us a life-sized Hikari figure from Summer Lesson

If you’ve ever wanted to bring Summer Lesson‘s Hikari Miyamoto to life, Bandai Namco will be producing a human sized figure of your virtual reality girlfriend student.

Here’s the first look at Netflix’s Devilman anime

Netflix has yet another anime coming to its collection, with the new Devilman series to debut in Spring 2018.

Warner Bros. is giving The Matrix a reboot

The Matrix is about to get a reboot courtesy of Warner Bros. and the sci-fi movie is already eyeing their main star.

Now here’s a game that will teach you to build your own gaming rig

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to put together your own PC, this game is for you.