The Selangor Cyber games is back for its fourth year

Selangor Cyber Games 2017

It’s great to see government bodies taking an interest in Malaysia’s E-sports scene and in the case of the Selangor state government, they’ve done it for four continuous years. With the official announcement of the Selangor Cyber Games 2017 (SCG17), they’ve shown that they’re continuing their support for the nascent scene in Malaysia. This year is especially even more so as the focus this time will be on Malaysian gamers.

Nolan and his balls of steel: Dunkirk is masterful, riveting and surprisingly quiet

Nolan may not be my favourite director working today; that prize goes to David Fincher – The Social Network, Seven – and most recently, Denis Villeneuve –  Arrival. But there’s no denying how influential Nolan and his films have been in my life. Films like The Dark Knight and The Prestige are some of the reasons why I fell in love with the art form in the first place. But even a Nolan fanboy like myself has to admit that there is one painfully obvious problem with a lot of his films: his script isn’t always the best.

Snag a trip to the Tokyo Game Show 2017 with the KLab Game Station reporter contest

Want to head over to this year’s Tokyo Game Show? here’s your chance to win a trip to Japan as an official KGS Reporter just for the show!

The latest trailer for Blade Runner 2049 kinda implies Deckard is a replicant

The second trailer for the Blade Runner sequel is out and it has some pretty interesting implications for Deckard. Check it out here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will let you battle with a bigger party

Disney’s D23 has had a lot of great news for Kingdom Hearts 3, and one of them is that you will get a much larger party than the series’ previous hard limit of 3.

Andy Muschietti signs on for Robotech

Over thirty years since the original series came out, Robotech is getting another chance to hit the big screens thanks to Sony, and word has it that they’ve just brought It reboot director Andy Muschietti on board for the project.

Mindful Geek: meet the tech that is calming the nation

We’ve come a long way since happiness was defined as a popular brand of cigar. Science debunked that marketing tagline and as time passes, people are more persuaded and aware of the benefits of a healthy body.

Despite progress, it is still taking time for the message to get through about a healthy mind. Stress, the most common manifestation of mental health problems, is like any other, indiscriminate. Wealth, standing, and even physical well-being are no barrier to its cruel invasion in lives.

Is this the official poster for the Badang movie?

Looks like one of our own locally grown superhero movies, Badang: Adiwira Sepanjang Zaman has just released an official trailer and it looks legit!

Odex to open No Game, No Life Zero in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam

Odex has just announced that they’re bringing in another anime film, namely No Game, No Life Zero!