Here’s a peek at Resident Evil 7 biohazards’ latest DLCs

Capcom’s just teased the two new DLC that’s on the way for Resident Evil 7/ Biohazard, along with a brand new trailer.

You can now eat Nasi Lemak Lobster and Crab in Cheras starting at RM20

Remember that Nasi Lemak Lobster that cropped up in Singapore? we can now get our very own in Cheras!

These Samsung POWERbot vacs look very inspired by the Empire

If you ever thought the Empire sucks, the notion is legit with these Star Wars inspired robo-vacs from Samsung.

Death Note actually has a canon epilogue

Turns out, Death Note actually has its very own canon epilogue that came years after the end of the actual manga series.

Arena of Valor hits Malaysia this month

Garena and Tencent’s hugely popular mobile MOBA game is finally coming to Malaysia after making the rounds in the Southeast Asian region.

Gintama Rambu hits Southeast Asia in English early next year

That’s right, the Southeast Asian release for Gintama Ranbu/Gintama Rumble will be in English.

LEGO Malaysia has officially opened its online store on LAZADA

Lego Lazada

Previously if you wanted to get your LEGO sets, you were limited to on ground stores like the official LEGO certified stores, Toys R US and a couple of smaller retailers. Officially, online stores were limited and there were only a couple around the region like Brick Magic.

Malaysia has banned

Fanfiction banned

In another fell swoop MCMC blocks, a site home to thousands of fan-created stories that are written by fans for their respective fandoms.

Japan and the US is ready to duke it out with the world’s first giant robot fight

Remember that robot duel that was winding up between U.S ‘s MegaBots Inc vs Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry? that battle is almost upon us!

Funko’s got Aladdin Pop Vinyls and Nightmare Before Christmas mugs a’comin

Funko‘s got some new mugs and Pop Vinyls in the works, and the latest lineup will have any Disney fan happy.