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Zack Snyder takes a break from Justice League to deal with daughter’s death

A lot of us have a lot of things to say about Zack Snyder. Some are diehard fanboys while others would like to stone...

Win these exclusive Lego U-Wing fighters in celebration of Star Wars’ 40th year

In celebration of Star Wars 40th year, why not win an exclusive Lego Star Wars U-Wing Fighter from us?

Boost your way to a better reloading experience!

The Boost app will handle all your reloading woes, with Boost Credits that never expires! What is Boost? Boost at it’s core, is a mobile app...

We rank the worst to best movies from the Alien franchise

It's "game over man" as we run through the Alien movies worst to best

Fast and Furious 8 Review

Has the seemingly crash proof series finally run out of gas? We check out Fast and Furious 8 to find out

Here’s the first look at Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

Here's the first few looks of Alicia Vikander in her role as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider flick. Vikander will be taking on...

It will now be easier to move to Japan

Looks like those who are seeking to become residents in the Land of the Rising Sun will have it a bit easier, following the...
King Kong Main

The History of King Kong

With Kong: Skull Island hitting theatres soon, we take a look at the history of cinema's king of the apes, King Kong

Guardians Review

Since the trailers first appeared out of nowhere, expectations for the Russian superhero film, Guardians, have been relatively high. It's got "spider tanks", a...

Acer’s new monitors are large and pretty affordable

Acer Malaysia's released three new monitors recently, with two aimed at gamers and one extra-large display with 4K resolution. First up is the Acer XR342CK, a...

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