Gamers can now use Hotlink Top-Ups to reload online game credits


Hotlink has come together with some of the most popular local online game publishers to bring us Malaysia’s first Game Credits Top Up facility which lets users top up game credits using Hotlink Top Up Tickets, purchasable from Hotlink kiosks.

Working with publishers Asiasoft, CIB, Garena, Cubinet and IAHGames, users who are already Hotlink customers will get additional benefits like in-game items for League of Legends, EA FIFA ONLINE 3, Blackshot and extra in-game cash for IAH Games titles like Granado Espada and CounterStrike.

If you want to get in on the action, here’s how to use Game Credits in a nutshell:

Simply sign-in to your games account at the publisher’s website and select payment or top-up. From there select Hotlink Top-up Ticket as a payment option and either log in or perform a one time registration and key in the 16-digit key on your top up and you’re done.

During the launch period, Hotlink customers who top up via Hotlink top up tickets will also get the following benefits:

1. 3 days IP + 3 days XP Boost on League of Legends online game worth RM19.95. Applicable for RM10 & above top-up tickets
2. Room Name Color Changer on Blackshot online game worth RM4.00
3. 06 Golden Key on EA FIFA Online 3 game worth RM3.50
4. Any game from IAH Games will come with additional 10% iCash (IAH Games currency) based on the equivalent top-up game point value

Do note that the top ups only apply to these local publishers so these will only work for locally supported online games.

For more info on the games and promotion, check out

Microsoft’s latest affordable Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL phones hit Malaysia

Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL launch

Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL launch

Microsoft‘s latest “cheap and cheerful” devices have hit Malaysian shores. If you’re in the market for affordable Windows smartphones then the new Lumia 640 Dual SIM and Lumia 640 XL may tickle your fancy. Both devices run Windows Phone 8.1 and will be upgradeable to Windows 10 when it’s available in Summer.

Surface 3 hits Malaysia, pre-order from today

Surface 3

Surface 3

Like me you may have drooled over the sexy Surface Pro 3 when it debuted last year, Microsoft’s best convertible notebook thus far. It was delicious as it was powerful, but it also came with a price. And so we were left to settle for cheap knock-offs (and some were actually pretty decent) to fill that gaping void.

Prepare your wallets! Pentatonix is coming to town!


Heads up! Pentatonix is hitting Malaysia on 30th May as part of their The On My Way Home Tour!

The group, comprised of five acapella vocalist Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstie Maldonado, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola, Pentatonix, or PTX for short, will be having a concert for one night only at Stadium Negara. The group’s work consists mostly of acapella versions of famous pop songs and medleys alongside some original material that have made them a sensation on YouTube with over 7.8 million subscribers.

Pricing will range from RM 120 and up, with VIP tickets going for RM 300. If you book your tickets between 11 to 19 April you can get an early bird discount so best capitalize on it if you want to snag your tickets a little cheaper.

Check out the poster below for full seating pricing and details and the video below for a taste of their sweet tunes!


via HypeMalaysia

Here’s the Doctor Who LEGO set you’ve been waiting for

dr who

Doctor Who fans rejoice! LEGO has finally made the move to immortalize the Time Lord in LEGO for all to enjoy!

Doctor Who fan Andrew Clark uploaded the set idea to the LEGO Ideas site, where each project is reviewed based on criteria to see if it’s possible to translate into proper LEGO sets. Since LEGO has confirmed the deal with BBC, we’ll be getting miniature versions of the TARDIS, the Doctor, the control center, his companions and his most evil nemesis are coming. The announcement was originally made in February but other details have so far been quite scant.

Also approved was a WALL-E set in this round, so we can also expect the adorable little trash compactor to make an appearance soon as well.

There isn’t any news yet on pricing and availability, but hey we’re happy enough that they’ve gone and done it!

via PopSugar

New Professor Layton and Fantasy Life games to hit smartphones

fantasy life 2

Level-5 has announced that the next games in both the Fantasy Life and Professor Layton series of games will in fact land on Android and iOS, as announced at Level-5’s Vision 2015 event this week. Layton 7 and Fantasy Life 2 will alight both mobile platforms in Japan this coming summer season.

Layton 7 was initially slated for a Nintendo 3DS release as well as on smartphone but there hasn’t been any mention of it hitting the 3Ds on the game’s main website, with the new game going more on skill and reasoning as opposed to earlier games in the series which are known to be rather hard. It turns out the game would be card based as well; could this be signaling a deviation to a more casual gamer style of gameplay?


As for Fantasy Life 2, it will be heading directly to smartphones by letting players to take one of 12 lives to pursue, with more focus on village building, like collecting more villagers with multiplayer with up to three more players. Sounds a bit like many town building simulation games already available on mobile, but we’ll be the judge of that once it’s available. Now where’s the english versions?

via Polygon

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Deus Ex is back with Mankind Divided

dX mankind divided

After leaks saying the game would be announced on 8 April, Square Enix and Eidos have finally popped the lid off Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, giving us a glimpse of the game with this stunning trailer.


It is the year 2029, and the game follows the events after the aug incident in the previous title Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you once again take the role of Adam Jensen and the golden era of augmentation is over. And the fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Jensen makes his return with all too familiar augmentations, from his stealth cloak to the iconic ceramic hand blades hidden in his augmented arms. He even seems to have some new tricks up his sleeves too.


Square Enix definitely looks like they’ve outdone themselves this time, with next gen graphics powering the new game it looks absolutely gritty and gorgeous. The game will be out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, though when we don’t quite know yet.

Watch Jensen kick some serious butt in the trailer below!

via Kotaku

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Printed circuit robots might just be ready to hit the shelves

kramer injet

Thanks to the top universities and research gone into printed circuitry, soft robots and stretchy electronics are already a reality. Now a group of researchers from Purdue claim that they’ve figured out a way to mass produce these using an inkjet printer loaded with a liquid metal allow.

“This process… allows us to print flexible and stretchable conductors onto anything, including elastic materials and fabrics,” said Rebecca Kramer, one of the researchers. After all, if the circuits are made from liquid metal, they can be stretched, folded, squeezed, and so on and so forth, without breaking.

The technique is called “mechanically sintered gallium-indium nanoparticles,” because liquid metal needs to be converted into nanoparticles first before it can be used as ink, done by immersing the alloy into a solvent like ethanol and bombarding the resultant mixture with ultrasound to disperse the liquid metal. The resultant printed circuits are protected by a “skin’ that prevents electrical conductivity that can be removed by stamping or scraping the printout to choose which part of the circuit to activate.

We feel that this process will also allow for thinner wearable electronics so it’s likely to be a matter of years before this tech actually jumps onto the market still but it’s pretty evident the future is pretty close. Now where’s our self lacing shoes?

via Engadget

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Bravely Default sequel to launch in Japan this month

bravely second

The sequel to hilariously popular JRPG Bravely Default by Square Enix has a sequel named Bravely Second : End Layer that’s going to be hitting the market in Japan around the end of the month, while all we get is this fantastic teaser.

To the uninitiated Bravely Default is a turn based RPG for the Nintendo 3DS which could be best described as the spiritual successor of Final Fantasy the Four Heroes of Light, also for the 3DS. The new game will be set a few years after the events of Bravely Default and will feature the same land of Luxendarc with all the swords, sorcery and adventure that entails. Producer Tomoya Asano says that the game will expand more on the world of Luxendarc and some characters from the previous game (in this case Edea Lee) will make a cameo in Bravely Second.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been news as to when we will be getting an English release so all we can do is sit and jealously enjoy this stunning trailer.

via Kotaku

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Watch the Avengers goof off in new featurette

avengers blooper

As this summer’s most anticipated superhero movie,  Avengers: Age of Ultron is drawing nearer to the release date, we get another tantalizing taste of what’s to come as well as whet our appetites during the wait with this new featurette.

It must be hard trying to keep about ten actors in check while filming what is likely to be one of the most epic movies of 2015 with all the schenanigans that follow, like when Chris Hemsworth couldn’t stop giggling during a bunker scene with Chris Evans and even dragging around Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans around the Avengers set? They’ve given director Joss Whedon his share of headaches but we’re sure he loves them all the same.

The movie itself is set to hit cinemas on 1 May 2015 and we can barely wait.

via Cinemablend

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