New rumours of a 12-inch MacBook Air surface

The famous logo
The famous logo
The famous logo

Apple is expected to launch a new version of their MacBook Air, a 12-inch laptop that is rumoured to be the thinnest yet for the lineup by the Cupertino company. Apparently it is made possible with the adoption of Intel’s Core M CPU, which has zero need for cooling fans.

A Chinese online Apple fansite, iFanR shows off leaked images of the new 12-inch MacBook Air in comparison to current MacBook Air and iPad Air models. The images did not show a fully functional new MacBook Air but we can discern some details by using current Apple models for comparison.

The new model is smaller than the 13-inch MacBook Air and looks rather slim, especially in the image that compares it with the iPad Air. Some Apple fans pointed out that the logo design has evolved into a new one – it is a solid metal logo similar with few iOS devices instead of the plastic transculent one in the current MacBook models.

Other sources, such as AppleInsider speculated that the new model features  “edge-to-edge cover glass with underlying black bezels, a design suggesting a laminated LCD arrangement indicative of Apple’s other Retina quality components.”

9to5Mac noted that the model will be absent of old features such as full sized USB ports, MagSafe connectors and SD card slots. The site also noted that “approximately a quarter-of-an-inch narrower than the 11-inch version, yet it is also a quarter-of-an-inch taller in order to accommodate the slightly larger display.” when comes to dimension specifications.

Finally KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is often accurate on the release of Apple products in the past said that the new MacBook will be out by end of March. According to him, Apple is expecting to sell about 6 million units of MacBook in first quarter of 2015 too.

Check out the images below and for more images, feel free to browse the iFanR site itself.

Source: AppleInsider , 9to5Mac,  AppleInsider2 & iFanR

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Part Three is coming

Look into my eyes….

We barely survived the last two times evading murderous mascots for measly pay at pizza a joint. Now they’re throwing a third round at us, hold the pepperoni and cheese.

Scott Cawthon, famous for bringing the Five Nights at Freddy’s, has a new teaser trailer to haunt your dreams with more cute, murderous mascots coming for you.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is to happen 30 years after the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza incident, according to the game’s Steam Greenlight page synopsis. Not much is shown in the trailer, we only see yet another series of creepy hallways, twitching animatronic animal mascots and the ominous tagline: “He will come back. He always does.”

The events that took place there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory,” the description implies, “but the owners of ‘Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction’ are determined to revive the legend and make the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin.

Five Nights at Freddy‘s launched in August 2014, while it’s sequel was released in November the same year. No exact date is given for the third chapter of the franchise.

Via Steam

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Facebook Lite undergoing testing for low end Android devices

The app on a glance
The app on a glance

The social media giant quietly launched and began testing for  Facebook Lite, specifically for use in low end Android devices in several nations. Listed counties are Bangaladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe (all notable non First World nations). It is speculated if this initiative is successful, the company might expand the app to several more countries in near future.

More details
More details

However, don’t let the name fool you, as it is still quite a capable app. The app is still able to function with features exclusive to Android such as push notifications, camera integration and so on, not too different from the full app that most of us enjoy. The size of the file is only 252kb in size and data usage is very low as it is optimized for 2G networks or areas with limited network reach.

More and more manufacturers are flocking to emerging markets like India, for example recently launched Google Android One. Furthermore, India is the fastest growing market for smartphone in fourth quarter in 2014. This is a prudent move for social media giants like Facebook to stay relevant with more users on board. So far, the app has had positive response in terms on numbers – 10,000 downloads so far with average rating of 4.6 from 693 reviewers now.

Facebook hasn’t yet made any announcement if they going to extend this app to Malaysia yet.

Source: TechCrunch

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New anime by Ranma 1/2 creator confirmed

The main cast of the series
The main cast of the series

Rumiko Takahashi, famous for her Maison Ikoku, Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 struck an anime goldmine again when her latest work, Rin-ne or Kyōkai no Rinne/境界のRINNE is getting an anime adaptation soon. So far the manga has run to 23 tankubon volumes. The manga is published in Shogakukan Weekly Shonen Sunday since it started in 2009. The first official key visual for the anime here:

First key visual
First key visual

It will be running on the NHK’s E Tele channel in April 2015.

Brain Base (Ishuukan Friends, D-Frag!) will be the studio with Seiki Sugawara (D-Frag!) as the director. Veteran Michiko Yokote who wrote Ranma 1/2 and recently ran Shirobako will be responsible for the series composition. Rin-ne is currently slated for 25 episodes.

The confirmed cast so far are Ishikawa Kaito (Zankyuu no Terror), Inoue Marina (Infinite Stratos), Nabatame Hitomi (Acchi Kocchi), Yukino Satsuki (Free!) and Yamaguchi Kappei (Inuyasha). Have a look at the trailer below.

Via Official Site
Image credit: Fanpop

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Puzzlecluster will transform phone parts into a supercomputer

Click on the picture for larger resolution
Click on the picture for larger resolution

One of the burning questions that people have when talking about modular smartphone concepts like Project Ara or Puzzlephone is this: what to do with the unwanted module(s)? Recently, Puzzlephone came up with an intriguing concept to address this question. Called the Puzzlecluster, it is basically a scalable supercomputer that utilizes old modular parts from the Puzzlephone to become a supercomputer.

Alenjandro Santacreu, CEO of Circular Devices had this to say:

When developing the PUZZLEPHONE, we always think about the whole cycle, from sourcing components to manufacturing, the device use itself and what to do when the time to upgrade comes. The PUZZLEPHONE Brain is a fully functional low power computer ready to be integrated in the PUZZLECLUSTER. It makes no sense to discard a perfectly working computer just because you have upgraded your smartphone. The PUZZLECLUSTER will extend the usable life of the PUZZLEPHONE Brain modules way beyond any other smartphone processor

The modular blocks of Puzzlephone
The modular blocks of Puzzlephone

The main aim of Puzzlecluster is minimize wastage and prolong the usage life of the modules. When a user wants to swap the Brain module of the Puzzlephone, he or she can then slot it into the Puzzlecluster to form into a supercomputer. In it’s basic form, the Puzzlecluster will include a power supply unit, internal connectivity for modules, associated peripherals and external connectivity. The machine will also have slots of Battery modules which will be transformed into it’s UPS section.

Before going around to search about where to buy this, sadly the idea only exists as a concept for now. However, if everything works as planned out and thought out to be, it will be an excellent idea of lengthening the lifespan of your phone and/or computer.

Source: Puzzlephone

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Sophie Turner to be Jean Grey

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

Bryan Singer, director of the X-Men movies Tweeted the new castings for the 2016 follow up movie to X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here is the tweet:

The younger version of Jean Grey, the powerful telepathic mutant will be portrayed by Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark from HBO’s Game of Thrones. Next, young Cyclops will be Tye Sheridan, who has recently been seen with Matthew McConaughey’s Mud (2012). And finally, Storm will be played by singer/actress Alexandra Shipp (Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B).

As previously reported, Stars Wars: Episode VII actor Oscar Isaac will appear as Apocalypse and Channing Tatum will be Gambit, everyone’s favourite Cajun hustler. According to the director, the movie will focus on one particular group of mutants and will take place in 1983. The script is co-written by Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris and Micheal Dougherty.

The crew from last X-Men movie that rebooted the whole franchise, notably people like Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence (Mockingjay bow girl) will be back for more mutant love in 2016. Principal photography will commence in April 2015 in Montreal, Canada soon for a 27 May 2016 release.

Source: Twitter

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More leaked pictures of HTC One M9 “Hima”

The new leaked pics of the M9
The new leaked pics of the M9

Yes, in an incredible span of three weeks, we have gotten more leaked pictures and information regarding about the latest flagship phone of Taiwan based HTC. The latest images show more details of the appearance of the said model and it is much clearer than the previous leak by the French site.

The rear profile
The rear profile

As suspected,  the new HTC is sporting a different rear camera from the current M8. One of the major criticism of the M8 is the sub-par rear camera compared to other flagship models in the market. Now, HTC has decided to address the complaints with something new in the M9. It is a square shaped lens instead of circular version for the previous models.

The new location of butons
The new location of butons

Another notable change is the relocation of the on/off button from the top to the right side. It is definitely an improvement in ergonomics, as most users of M8 found it rather annoying with the current placement, with the new one much more intuitive and natural. It is possible that the switch is to cater to the users with smaller hands too.

Now we shall see if this model is a worthy successor to M8 during its grand reveal in 1 March 2015 at Barcelona soon.

Source: Phandroid

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Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda trailer is out

First visual key of the movie
First visual key of the movie

The official site of the upcoming 2015 film by the producers of the surprise hit AnoHana anime series are teasing a new movie, Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda/  心が叫びたがってるんだ (Beautiful Word Beautiful World).

Directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai (Toradora!, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun), screenplay by the famous and critically acclaimed Mari Okada (Toradora!, Hanasaku Iroha) with character designer Masayoshi Tanaka (High School of the Dead, Toradora!). A-1 Pictures (Aldnoah Zero, Sword Art Online) will be responsible for the animation of the movie.

The movie was first announced at a festival in August 2014 in conjunction with screening of the AnoHana movie. So far, no casting or date of screening is known yet.

The one and only visual key showing a melancholic looking young female student leaning on the window, looking at swaying trees and fallen leaves outside. On the table beside her, there is an egg-like object which is a mystery at this point. She is holding her handphone, perhaps waiting for a call?

Knowing the bittersweet feel of the  AnoHana (2011) series, the visual key is very striking in those areas and it will not be surprising of the movie will be in similar nature. Get ready to reach for your tissue box.

Via Official Site

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CBS confirms that Supergirl is ready for take off

The confirmed actress
The confirmed actress

CBS has found  Supergirl. Glee’s actress, Melissa Benoist is confirmed to take the mantle as the cousin of Jor-El in the pilot episode.The actress latest efforts in Whiplash (2014) got nominated for five Academy Awards categories.

Supergirl is the latest adapted DC Comics show besides Arrow and The Flash which is already garnering quite a following on the CBS owned network, CW. Does this mean a triple crossover featuring these three supers might be possible?

The story is about a Kryptonian woman who is reluctant of her legacy after having escaped from the doomed planet, but slowly lives up to it and becomes a superhero after an incident. In this pilot, she appears as a 24 years old who is having troubles with her own identity and tries to hide her powers.

CBS chairperson Nina Tassler said “She embodied so many of the characteristics of classic female heroines on the network… We fell in love with the pitch.”, continues with “We’re looking for quality, charisma. She’s got to be everywoman.

The iconic costume of Supergirl will be designed by Colleen Atwood who is also responsible for the looks in Arrow and Flash. Besides this, other female themed action series on TV are emerging fast – ABC’s “Agent Carter” starring Hayley Atwell, “iZombie” starring Rose McIver which will start in March and “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” with Krysten Ritter by Netflix. As for the Supergirl, no date is set yet for the pilot episode.

Wondering if this video helps CBS to reach the decision too.

Source: Variety

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Studio Madhouse is producing Ore Monogatari!! anime

First visual key of the series
First visual key of the series

Ore Monogatari!!/俺物語!! or My Love Story!! is has an anime adaptation confirmed for the Spring 2015 lineup with Studio Madhouse (Paprika, Black Lagoon) animating it.

One of the shoujo manga genre, the story is about the unlikely romance between a big, ugly guy with a typically cute, pretty girl while a good looking friend of male lead is hovering between these two. Director is Morio Asaka (Cardcaptor Sakura, Nana) who is famous for shoujo manga adaptations for anime works. The character designer Kunihiko Hamada, is also another veteran in the shoujo manga adaptation works, having worked on Chihayafuru and Nana. Music scoring will be done by Natsuko Takahashi (Moyashimon).

Confirmed castings are Takuya Eguchi (Kuroko’s Basketball), Makoto Sunakawa (Parasyte: The Maxim, Free!) and Rinko Yamato (Hunter x Hunter, PreCure!).

The manga first started in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret (aimed at young female readers) in November 2011. Seven tankubon volumes have been published so far and more than three millions copies printed out, underlining how popular the series is. Not only that, the manga won Best Shoujo Manga at the 37th Kodansha Manga Awards and the top spot for female readers’ poll in “Kono Manga Sugoi! 2013”.

Many readers commented that the main reason they liked the story so much is because of the unlikely male hero instead of his more conventional, bishie good looking friend. Can this formula work in the anime too? We shall find out soon enough.

Via Official Site

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