New Jabra Evolve headsets: Made for knowledge workers

Jabra Evolve series
Jabra Evolve series
Jabra Evolve series
Jabra Evolve series

The Jabra brand is synonymous with fabulous Danish industrial design and audio headsets. You may not know that it also does some brilliant headsets for the working crowd. And now, the award-winning brand has introduced its Jabra Evolve family to Malaysian shores.

Jabra says the new Evolve series is the “industry’s first series of professional headsets that support the communication needs of knowledge workers.” In plain English sans marketing speak, it helps users to have full focus, uninterrupted by noise generated in the office. Office noise is blocked out via noise cancellation technology and the even has built-in busy light to inform others if a user doesn’t want to be interrupted.

It is fairly mobile, came with built in Bluetooth device so user can roam around if he or she has to.

According to data, knowledge works are interrupted every 10 minutes. And it takes over 20 minutes for the worker to get back into the groove for work again. That explains a lot of things doesn’t it?

Aside from its fantastic industrial design, non-intrusive mic and comfortable fit, the new Jabra Evolve headsets offer excellent audio performance for both voice and music.

Five models available from Jabra Evolve range, namely the Evolve 20, Evolve 30, Evolve 40, Evolve 65 (Bluetooth) and top of the range Evolve 80. Price wise, the new headsets start around MYR221 mono for the Evolve 20 up to MYR1,420 for Evolve 80 stereo.

For more information on Jabra Evolve, feel free to visit here.

New visual and teaser for Season 2 of Aldnoah Zero

Terran Katraphakt in Aldnoah Zero
Slaine and Harklight in new key visual for Aldnoah Zero Season 2
Slaine and Harklight in new key visual for Aldnoah Zero Season 2

That ending for Aldnoah Zero was quite the doozy wasn’t it? Don’t worry though, we ought to know more in season 2 and we’re pretty sure there’s many of you who can’t wait for the new season to start. To whet your appetite for the anime, A-1 Pictures and Troyca have released a new key visual and teaser for Season 2 of the anime. As can be seen above, fans will observe a darker and more matured side to Slaine Troyard followed by a new character only identified as Harklight. This new character will be voice by Daisuke Hirakawa who had gigs in Free! and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. This makes us wonder if any of the few key characters from season 1 will be returning to season 2. Only time will tell.

Aldnoah.Zero is just one the famous works by Gen Urobochi who is also responsible for Psycho-Pass, Fate/Zero, Puella Magica Magi Madoka as well as Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, all of which have garnered critical popularity with anime fans. Considering the fan rage at season 1’s ending, looks like Aldnoah Zero has managed to gather a good amount of popularity so let’s hope season 2 bring us even more action, drama and surprises.

Source: Ota-Suke

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Psycho-Pass Movie is a Go for 2015

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Psycho-Pass the Movie is a go for 2015

The main female lead
Rejoice Psycho-Pass fans. The movie is coming
Rejoice Psycho-Pass fans. The movie is coming

Psycho-pass fans, here it comes! Looks like the hit anime series will be hitting the big screen in Japan on 9th January 2015.

Penned by Gen Urobochi, famous for titles Fate Zero, Magica Puella Magi Madoka and Aldnoah Zero, the series was considered a surprise sleeper hit. And to fuel further excitement Production I.G, Nitroplus and FUNimation Entertainment has released the first trailer and key visual for the movie.

As far as what’s the plot is going to be like, what is known so far is that it is set 2 years after conclusion of Psycho-Pass Season 2 the TV series (currently being show for the fall 2014 season). The TV series is currently airing in Japan and is expected to end its run by December.

So far only the producer of the movie has been announced which is FUNimation founder Gen Fukunaga. Another writer, Makoto Fukami will be writing the screenplay with Gen Urobochi.

So stay tuned for more details as they come here.

Psycho-Pass is set in a near future Japan that has managed to achieve a crime free society but at cost of increased surveillance. Citizens regular consume a drug that keeps that calm and Tokyo city is uses a supercomputer known as Sybill System that tracks and monitors everyone to detect even the slightest hint of any psycho-criminal tendency. When detected a special team is dispatched to capture or kill the targets. Think Ghost in the Shell meets Minority Report. The anime/manga follows Akane Tsumemori, a brilliant prodigy who could have any comfy job but decides to join the police force much surprise to everyone and gets more than she bargains for.

Source:  Psycho-Pass & AnimeAnime

Here’s a smart bracelet that doubles up as a phone handset

The .klatz won't make you look like a dorky Dick Tracy when you answer calls
No LCD screen here, just a 384-LED one
No LCD screen here, just a 384-LED one

As “cool” as it sounds to be able to answer your calls via your smartwatch, in actual reality, it really isn’t. The whole Dick Tracy style of answering calls is more likely to make you feel awkward and sometimes even douchey. The company .klatz though has come up with an elegant solution with its smart bracelet/watch – by allowing it to transform into a handset.

The .klatz won't make you look like a dorky Dick Tracy when you answer calls
The .klatz won’t make you look like a dorky Dick Tracy when you answer calls

Yep, you read that right. Instead of answering your calls and looking all dorky, the .klatz smart wearable lets you transform it into a handset, allowing you to take calls as if you’re on a phone. How it works is pretty simple actually. When not in call answering mode, it’s a smart watch or rather a smart wristband but when a call comes in, you just need to slip it out of your hands and flip it open to answer your call. Interesting concept right?

Don’t expect some Moto 360 type of hardware on the .klatz smart wearable though. It’s rather crude screen is nothing compared to more dedicated smart watches. That’s because it uses a 384-LED screen and as far as smart capabilities go, it has some very minimal features. So far, what’s been listed on its Indiegogo campaign page only shows notification functions and music controls. Nope, there’s no mention of additional sensors or even a basic accelerometer built-in. It does come with some massive battery life though (about 600mAh) which should last you about 10 days.

This isn’t a gadget that’s geared towards the more feature oriented user and judging by the various designs and colours, it’s more likely to appeal to the more fashion conscious user. With a early backer price of US$99 and an eventual US$149 retail price, it might appeal to some people. So if you don’t want to look like a dork answering your call from your wrist, this might be for you, or maybe you could do what most people normally do, like you know, answer your phone directly.

.klatz is more likely for the fashion conscious
.klatz is more likely for the fashion conscious

Source: Indiegogo

Say goodbye to Battle Angel Alita

Goodbye to you Alita
Goodbye to you Alita
Goodbye to you Alita

Tis seems to be the season of endings. First Naruto, and now another long running manga will finally be put to rest. Yukito Kishiro, the mangaka of Gunnm, better known as Battle Angel Alita to the rest of the world, will begin serialization of the manga’s final chapter come 28th October 2014 in Kodansha’s bi-weekly magazine and it’ll be titled Gunnm: Kasei Senki ( Battle Angel Alita: History of Mars War).

The announcement to end the manga was made by Kishiro in his blog not too long ago.

In case you’re wondering, Gunnm or Battle Angel Alita, first began in Shueisha’s Business Jump magazine from 1990 to 1995 where it was subsequently compiled in 9 volumes. After a 15 year hiatus, the sequel, Gunnm: The Last Order was then serialised in Ultra Jump in 2000 but moved to Kodansha’s Evening due to a serious disagreement between the Kishiro and the former. It subsequently finished its run early this year and has been compiled into 19 volumes.

Alita has also been given life in anime format with a 1993, 2 episode OVA. However no follow ups were ever made after the OVA.

The popularity of the manga even extended into Hollywood where James Cameron had bought the rights to it since, being one of the manga’s biggest fan. There were rumours of a live action version of Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita, but even after all these years, it never seemed to materialise.

On top of the final serialisation of Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita, Yukito Kishiro will also present a one shot story  called Mukai or Foggy World in the same magazine that is based on a short story by science fiction novelist, Hirotaka Tobi.

The announcement of final chapter

Source: Mantan Web

Finally, a smart watch for the ladies courtesy of Omate

Here's one of the ladies. The Omate Lutetia
Here's one of the ladies. The Omate Lutetia
Here’s one of the ladies. The Omate Lutetia

There’s been a slew of smart watch releases in the last couple of months but one thing worth noting is that none of them were geared specifically for the ladies. Omate however, intends to change that with its Lutetia.

The Omate Lutetia isn’t just designed for women though, it was also designed BY women, not only from the design aspect, but the engineering aspect as well. This circular watch does look like it definitely appeal more towards the female demographic. Just look at its design. There’s the curved, sapphire-coated glass piece, a shiny stainless steel body with a choice of three colours – silver, rose gold and gold, and a pretty ornate beaded wristband, to complete the Lutetia’s premium female oriented aesthetic.

Of course it isn’t all looks though as the Omate Lutetia does pack some decent hardware underneath its stylish body. Like its sibling the Omate X, its powered by the MediaTek’s Aster MT2502 platform and runs on the Nucleus RTOS. Don’t expect full on smartwatch capabilities here ala Moto 360 or LG G Watch as it’ll serve more as a notification watch. Of course you can expect other features on it including a pedometer, music control, weather info, a stopwatch, timer and even voice control options.

In fact, according to Omate, the Lutetia isn’t planning to go heads on with the likes of the Moto 360. Instead, it’s looking to go head-to-head with the likes of Michael Kor’s watches.

So how much for this piece of stylish, female oriented, smart wrist wear? It’s not going to be too pricey actually with an expected price tag of US169 (about RM550), and it’ll be available “sometime next year”. And if you’re the sort that’s into exclusive stuff, there’ll even be 1000 so called “special editions” complete with their own unique codes engraved onto the watch’s back.

Source: Engadget

New Sword Art Online Game Slated for 2015

The logo title

SAO 02

Bandai Namco is going to release the continuation of the Sword Art Online game in Japan titled Sword Art Online – Lost Song.

So what can we expect from the game? For one we know it’s going to be an action RPG set in the new world of Svalrt ALfheim Online and it’ll be featuring a completely original story from the anime/manga.

How about gameplay? There is some details about that as well courtesy of the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation. Most notable though, is it’ll be the first Sword Art Online game that’ll let you play as a character other than Kirito, the main protagonist. Of course there’s going to be battles as well and this time, it’s split into land and air battles, both of which can be switched between each other and bring their own set of advantages. Air battles for example, are believed to offer complete free maneuverability. This brings a new dimension to battles as no auto-attacks are available and if lock-on targeting is activated, you can attack any part of an enemy’s body as you choose.

Land battles on the other hand, will likely follow similar mechanics as previous games though jumping might be added in as a feature this time. As for the party, it maxes out at three characters now whose composition will be dictated by you, the player. Speaking of characters, you can expect a number of new ones to appear in the game and with Sinon being shown in the artwork, we can expect her return as well.

So when is it out? It’s scheduled for a 2015 release and will be available for PS3 and PS Vita. How about the PS4? No news on that version was mentioned though.

Source: Gematsu

“Powers” trailer is out and it looks promising

Hmm shouldn’t Christian be a bit more buff?

It’s good to be a comic fan. First there was the new Flash spin-off from the CW’s Arrow, and then there’s Gotham and also the upcoming Constantine series. Let’s not forget the continuing seasons of Arrow and Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now we get our first look at latest comic to get a TV adaptation, Powers, of which the trailer recently premiered at New York Comic Con.

For those of you who have yet to pick up this pretty awesome comic, here’s the gist of it. Based on police procedural comic by Brian Micheal Bendis & Micheal Avon Oeming, the story is about two Chicago Police Department homicide detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim. Sounds pretty standard right? Well here’s the hook, they specifically specialise in crimes that involve super powers or the super human community.

Christian Walker is an embittered and on-the-edge former superhero who lost his power and tries to adopt a live of normal human. On the other hand, there’s his partner Deena Pilgrim, a deadpan and serious cop who takes no crap from others. Together, they investigate various crimes involving super power and the super human community, referred in the series as Powers, which is where its titles come from. The story combines three genres into one oh so good comic form- superhero, crime noir and the police procedural. As far as we can tell from the trailer, the TV series isn’t straying too far from the source material, so we have pretty high hopes.

So who’s going to be in it? Sharlto Copley who kicked butt for his role in sci-fi blockbusters like District 9 and Elysium will be putting on Christian Walkers shoes while Susan Heyward, who was last seen in The Following, will be playing his partner, Deena Pilgrim.

Powers was launched in 2000 under aegis of Image Comics and now it is published by Marvel’s Icon Imprint since 2004. Director of Hannibal, David Slade will be directing 2 pilot episodes that is scheduled for airing on the PlayStation Network in late 2014.

Source: Super Hero Hype

Terraformars hits the Nintendo 3DS

Giant humanoid cockroaches? Brrr
Giant humanoid cockroaches? Brrr
Giant humanoid cockroaches? Brrr

Hate cockroaches? You’ll definitely hate humanoid ones which might make you shiver to watch Terraformars. However, you now have a chance to bring the beatdown on these humanoid roaches with the game version of the popular manga turned anime.

Titled Fierce Battle of Crimson Planet , the game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS platform and was recently announced in the 46 th volume of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump. Game developer FuRyu, whose portfolio included Unchained Blades and Exsetera will be responsible for the development of the game. In case you’re not familiar with FuRyu, it is a Japanese game developer responsible for many handheld games that have rarely been adapted outside the Japanese market.

So what can you expect? Terraformars: Fierce Battle of Crimson Planet features 3D battles between Terraformar characters like Shikochi duking it out with mutated, humanoid like cockroaches. From what we gather, it’s either going to be a beat-em-up style game or a fighting one. Unfortunately, there is not much details after this short blurb below.

The scan from ANN
The scan from ANN

The game is expected to hit Japan next spring and will retail price at 5980 yen (around RM182).

Not too sure what Terraformars is about, we have a bit of a summary of it in our Fall 2014 anime list here.

The manga was nominated for the Manga Taisho award in 2013 and also voted as the most popular title in the male category of Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Guidebook by the readers. Right now there is also an anime adaptation airing in Japan which is a joint effort by Warner Bros, LIDENFILMS and Mages.

Source via ANN.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Confirmed for 2015

More ghoulish action coming in 2015
More ghoulish action coming in 2015
More ghoulish action coming in 2015

Tokyo Ghoul fans, you’re in for a treat. There are two pieces of news that’ll just make your day. First off is that the 46th issue of Young Jump will feature the continuation of Tokyo Ghoul manga with new title, Tokyo Ghoul: re. So what can we expect from Tokyo Ghoul: re? There’s not much details as the announcement only say that it will be “another Tokyo Ghoul story” penned by the mangaka, Sui Ishida.

The Tokyo Ghoul fest doesn’t stop there though as the second season of anime was also confirmed for the Winter 2015 season. The 12 episode anime adaptation by Studio Perriot just ended last season and was really well received by audiences, so this news of a second season will likely be welcomed. News of second season of anime is first leaked on a Chinese streaming site right after the end of first season and so far, a teaser trailer (located below) has also been released as well.

We first featured Tokyo Ghoul in our Top 5 Summer 2014 Anime feature  but if you do need a refresher on the story, here it is.  The anime follows university student Kaneki who is trying to date a very beautiful and enigmatic woman called Rize but has bitten more than he can chew. Apparently Rize is a ghoul which feasts on human flesh and is fully intent on having Kaneki as her meal when an accident happens mortally wounding both parties. During the rescue operation, Rize’s organ are transplanted into Kaneki to save him, which inadvertently made him into a human/ghoul hybrid. As a result, he has to constantly battles to suppress his innate hunger for human flesh while dealing with a host of new problems as a result of his transformation.

Source: Moca News & Akiba Jigoku