Avengers: Age of Ultron coming to Malaysia on 30 April 2015

Hell Yeah!!!
Hell Yeah!!!
Hell Yeah!!!

OH YEAH! Finally we get a date for the highly awaited follow up to The Avengers movie and it looks like it’ll be hitting our theatres at the end of April next year.

According to Buena Vista International, the distributor of the film, we should be able to whet our Marvel hero appetites on the above mentioned date. Of course, even though the date has been officially set, we could still expect some changes in the coming months but hopefully, keep your fingers cross, the April 30 2015 date stays.

So far, details on the story line for Avengers: Age of Ultron is still rather vague though it’s pretty obvious that the AI villain Ultron, played by James Spader, is the main baddie of the movie. Marvel did run a 10 issue series called Age of Ultron  which was set in an alternate timeline in which Ultron ruled Earth and though there’s a possibility that certain elements of series might turn up in the movie, we’re thinking that it’s more of coincidence, and the fact that it’s a pretty cool title. There are some slight changes between the comic Ultron and movie Ultron. In the comics, Ultron is a creation of Hank Pym aka Ant-man/Giant-man/Yellow Jacket etc, who is basically an insane AI with delusions of grandeur. Since Hank Pym isn’t turning up anywhere in this Avengers movie, Ultron’s creator has shifted over to Iron Man, Tony Stark.

We could try to tell you more but we’re still short on details ourselves. So till we manage to dig up some more, why not enjoy some of these behind the scenes shots as well as official movie stills. That should tide you over till our next update.

Want more Marvel goodness? Then head over to the cinema and watch Guardians of the Galaxy. As our review will tell you, it’s awesome.

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Want to buy a RM57,600 EVA Unit-01 statue from 7 Eleven?

Now this would look great in our living room
Now this would look great in our living room

The 7 Elevens in other countries sometimes carry really cool stuff. Well Japan has decided to top every other country by offering a gigantic EVA Unit-01 statue for purchase.

Yes you read that right, we said statue not your measly little figurines. How big is this monstrosity? It measures at 2-metres tall, now how’s that for big. It’s not cheap either as this particular piece cost a whopping 1.86 million yen (RM57,600). 7 Eleven is offering the EVA Unit-01 in two different colour schemes, its original anime colours and another in 7 Eleven colours.

Of course you won’t be seeing rows of these statues lining up in every single Japanese 7 Eleven stores. Instead, these statues are only limited to 25 pieces and you can’t just buy it from a store and bring it back immediately. Instead you have to go through a purchasing process which includes filling up some forms and registering and the nearest JAPANESE 7 Eleven, making a bank transfer and waiting about 4 weeks for a crew to assemble the statue in your home. For RM57,600 we’d expect at least delivery and assembly from 7 Eleven so good on them.

Don’t have that kind of money? 7 Eleven also has a giveaway campaign which will let participants have a chance to win either one of each colour. How nice it’ll be if we were living in Japan right now with that amount of cash. We think that the statue will be a perfect addition to our office reception area.

Source: Kotaku

Xiaomi is releasing a LTE version of the Redmi Note

Xiaomi's phablet now comes with LTE

It hasn’t been that long since the Xiaomi Redmi Note was launched here in Malaysia and now, it looks like we’ll be seeing an LTE version soon as well.

The ultimate survival bike for the apocalypse

Motopeds Survival Bike

Motopeds Survival Bike

Some believe it’s a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’. Needless to say, you should be prepared for anything, any time (and I have friends who already have months of food reserves and resources stored). The apocalypse may hit at any time, so here’s an awesome piece of transportation to help you get away from zombies, or a hungry mob.

Origin is offering Wing Commander 3 for FREE!

Get some retro space fun with a free copy of Wing Commander 3
Get some retro space fun with a free copy of Wing Commander 3
Get some retro space fun with a free copy of Wing Commander 3

Yep, you read that right, you can get a free copy of the classic Wing Commander 3 game for free now.

It’s a bit weird considering EA, a company that’s known to be pretty vilified for charging gamers for everything, is being so generous. First it was the free copy of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collectionand now this. What’s next we wonder.

Wing Commander 3 was originally going for US$4.99 on the Origin store, but for this limited time only, you’ll be able to get it for free. Be quick though as according to Origin, these deals tend to come and go real fast. In case you’re wondering just what the Wing Commander series is about, it’s a space flight simulation game created by Chris Roberts at Origin Systems. It had the distinct honour of featuring known Holywood actors including Malcom MaDowell and forever Joker and Skywalker, Mark Hamill. 

This free offer is part of Origin’s “On the House” program which started back in March so we should be seeing more freebies from them in the coming months. We can’t wait.

Source: Polygon

Is the LG G3 getting a stylus?

Look who's getting into the stylus game
Look who's getting into the stylus game
Look who’s getting into the stylus game

We all know that a smartphone stylus can be pretty useful, especially for the those of us who are artistically inclined. Samsung saw that opportunity and went the whole way with it. Well it looks like LG is finally playing catch as it seems that they will be introducing a variant of the LG G3 that’ll come with a stylus.

Now there’s not really much detail to go on as this supposed stylus enabled G3 as it was only seen at the end of LG’s latest G3 Beat commercial. LG does have a name for it though and its, not surprisingly, called the G3 Stylus. And though details about it are scant, there’s a few things that we managed to gleam off the video about it. Based on the short time we’ve managed to see its back, it looks like the G3 Stylus does not have a laser autofocus and comes with only a single LED flash. This might likely suggest that its camera capabilities might be up to par with its flagship sibling. As for the stylus itself, it looks more capacitative rather than the Wacom based one that the Samsung Galaxy Notes are using. 

Obviously due to the lack of details, we’re not even sure when LG will be announcing this stylus toting G3, but with Samsung making their Galaxy Note 4 announcement this September 3, we’re pretty sure LG, won’t be too far behind


Source: Android Central


Apple might be launching the iPhone 6 on September 9

A purported iPhone 6 dummy set from Sonny Dickinson
A purported iPhone 6 dummy set from Sonny Dickinson
A purported iPhone 6 dummy set pic from Sonny Dickinson

The Apple rumour wheel continues to turn and turn. This time round, it’s the supposed launch date of their iPhone 6. Yep, looks like Apple is likely to launch their new iPhone on September 9.

Now it’s pretty easy to pull any Tom, Dick and Harry date out of a hat, but considering the source of it, we’re likely to take this with a little more seriousness. If the date is accurate, this would put the iPhone 6’s launch date just days after Samsung announces its phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note 4 on September 3 in Berlin. It would also fall in line with its track record of launching its phone during a mid-September period, so yeah, it does seem that the rumour is more likely truth.

The iPhone 6 is obviously one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of 2014 and though the iPhone has maintained a strong fan base, there’s been rumblings that it needs to be more than what it is now. A larger screen especially has been one of the major wants of many iPhone enthusiast and based on what we’ve managed to compile so far, it’s very likely we’ll be seeing a bump in screen size on the iPhone 6 to not only 4.7-inches but also 5.5-inches. That would put the larger iPhone 6 into the phablet zone.

Despite all these near confirmation of rumours though, without official word from Apple, it’s still that, a rumour. So until we get official word and see the phones ourselves, well it’s better to keep an open mind.

Source: Bloomberg and WSJ

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Western Digital bumps their Red drives up to a whopping 6TB

Up to 6TB of NAS storage goodness
Up to 6TB of NAS storage goodness
Up to 6TB of NAS storage goodness

With the amount of videos and pictures we’ve got these days, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a must. Even more crucial, is a hard drive with a whopping huge capacity. Obviously Western Digital (WD) thinks so too as they’ve recently unveiled their new Red drives complete with bigger and better capacities here in Malaysia.

How big you ask? How about up to a whopping 6TB. Yep you read that right, 6TB of storage goodness, that’s more than enough space for MOST general consumers to store their pictures and collection of (cough…porn) videos. The two new drive capacities (5TB and 6TB) aren’t the only improvements the Red drives are getting. As some of you might know, WD’s line of Red drives are specifically designed for NAS usage. So WD has also bumped up their NASware tech to version 3.0. This not only improves the drives reliability and system performance, but it also allows you to chuck in up to eight of these drives into a compatible NAS and still have no negative impact in performance.

Eight bays still not enough? Then there’s also WD’s Red Pro line that’ll allow you to chuck up to 16 drives into a compatible NAS. The thing is, the WD Red Pro drive only go up to a maximum of 4TB capacities. Honestly though, we’re still trying to wrap our head around 48TB of storage what more 64TBs.

So how much of a dent are these new drives going to do to your wallet? The WD Red 5TB and 6TB drives will be going for RM819 and RM989 respectively. And if you’re nuts enough to need up to 16 of the WD Red Pros, the 2TB version will cost you RM529, RM659 for the 3TB version and RM859 for the 4TB version. All drives are already available at select retailers so you can go ahead and bump up your NAS capacities now.

This alarm clock brews your coffee while it wakes you

Coffee as soon as you wake
Coffee as soon as you wake
Coffee as soon as you wake

For most people, a good cup o’ joe is damn crucial for a relatively productive morning but what if you can get as soon as you get out of bed. In comes the Barisieur alarm clock. Not only will it jolt you out of bed but it’ll also provide you with your daily jolt of caffeine even before you can drag your body out of bed.

There's space for milk, sugar and extra grounds as well
There’s space for milk, sugar and extra grounds as well

The brainchild of designer Josef Renouf,  the Barisieur alarm clock works by using induction heat and stainless ball bearings to boil the water and brew the coffee all by itself. All you have to do is prep it with your favourite ground beans and a pot of water the night before and voila, fresh coffee the next morning when you wake up. That’s not the only feature that has been included in this multitasker either. Aside from the alarm clock features, there’s also a cooled slot for some milk and storage for your sugar and extra ground coffee.

Ah... so that's how it works
Ah… so that’s how it works

It’s also, not surprisingly considering the creator, very nice to look at. With its woodtop and slightly retro design, this is definitely one alarm clock you wouldn’t mind having by the side of your bed. Unfortunately, for the moment, the Barisieur is one of a kind. No worries though as there are plans to get this gadget of morning joy (and irritation) out for production. Estimated price? Between £150-£250 (RM810 – RM1350). Well it’s a good thing that it hasn’t been put to production yet. That’ll give you enough time to save up for when it finally hits the market.

Source: Josh Renouf Design via Engadget

HP joins the smartwatch fray

HP's fashion driven smartwatch
HP's fashion driven smartwatch
HP’s fashion driven smartwatch

So HP has finally decided to throw your hat into the smartwatch ring eh? It’s not surprising though considering the amount of attention being showered the device. So what are they doing to stand out from the rest of the entrants?

Well HP is teaming up with designer Michale Bastian, a name that more known in the fashion circles for his own brand and his work on the GANT brand. Considering that a watch needs to look good, this sounds like it’s shaping up to a good start for HP. The collaboration is actually between not only HP and Michael Bastian, but also online fashion e-tailing site Gilt.com. In fact the collaboration between the designer and HP was a result of Gilt reaching out to Bastian, after the former was approached by the tech company to discuss the design of a smartwatch by a fashion designer. As a result, the HP smartwatch will be a collaborative effort between the three parties with HP obviously handling the tech part, Michael Bastian the design, and Gilt the marketing.

This gives us a pretty good idea what it'll look like
This gives us a pretty good idea what it’ll look like

So far, there’s scant details on the watch itself. However there are already renders and sketches on what it’ll look like once it comes out. From what we’ve seen, the watch  has a 44 mm stainless steel case, a design that appears to be circular, and 3 bands with different finishes that are swappable. It’ll be compatible with both iOS and Android definitely but what platform is it going to run on? That particular detail hasn’t been confirmed, though it might likely be Android Wear.

The launch of the watch is targeted sometime this third quarter and will be exclusively sold on Gilt.com. There’s no mention if HP has plans for it to go beyond the e-tail site at later stages and neither has the price been revealed. So we’ll just have to sit tight and wait for more details to come.

Source: Fashionista and Tech Times