Knight’s and Magic light novel is getting an anime adaptation

Knights and magic anime

The popular mecha and magic light novel, Knight’s and Magic, is getting its own anime adaptation this summer 2017. This comes not too long after the popular light novel by Hisako Amakaze-No got its own monthly manga adaptation in April 2016.

Aoharu Matsuri is this weekend!

Aoharu Matsuri 2017 is just around the corner and this event by the International Medical University’s Japanese Club has a lot in store!

Looks like Malaysia won’t be getting Beauty and the Beast at all now

Disney has made its final decision to pull their live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast from Malaysian cinemas for good, rather than remove scenes from the movie in accordance to demands from our local censorship board.

Reshoots are underway for Spider-Man: Homecoming

We’re but a few months away from Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s release, and what looks to be last-minute reshoots are under way.

Chill out guys, Beauty and the Beast is only postponed, not “shelved”

It seems a lot of people are up in arms as many think that Beauty and the Beast have been “shelved” or perceivably cancelled, despite the go-ahead from Malaysian censors. Well, you guys can chill out for now as The Walt Disney Company (Malaysia) has reiterated that the movie has not been “shelved” and merely postponed as per their original statement yesterday.

Telltale drops some new deets on their Guardians of the Galaxy game

Sometime back, Telltale released a small teaser for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game and now we’ve got much more details than just a short video.

Lenovo’s Legion gaming laptops are finally here

Launched earlier this year, Lenovo‘s new line of affordable gaming laptops have finally landed in Malaysia.

Beauty and the Beast passes through Malaysian Censors with minor edits

Beauty and the Beast Live action

After all the hubbub about the film getting delayed, The Malaysian Censorship Board (LPF) has finally let Beauty and the Beast pass through, albeit with some minor editing.

Malaysian Minister thinks it’s ridiculous to postpone Beauty and the Beast

Nazri tourism minister

After today’s news that Beauty and the Beast release has been postponed in Malaysia, there have been many speculations as to why. One major reason speculated is the inclusion of a gay character in the movie. Many of us will find this particular reason rubbish and it seems, there is at least one Malaysian Minister that agrees as well.

Game of Throne’s final season will only be six episodes long

Game of Thrones final season has just gotten even shorter.