The Secret Revealed: Professional Gamers Have More Chances To Win At Online Casino!

online gaming

Casinos and video games are connected! This one might come as a surprise but it is true. But how, you may ask. It is pretty simple. Casino operators always come up with innovative ways and twists, introducing new functions into their games. And just like with any video game, you want to try new things out and you want to come back over and over again until you finish it, only in the casinos you are the one who sets the goal to achieve.

How Machine Learning is Impacting the World Around Us

machine learning

Alongside topics like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), blockchain and cryptocurrency, and self-driving cars, machine learning has also been heralded as a big step forward for technology. It seems as though companies all over the place are talking about it, saying that they too will be embracing machine learning and using it in the products and services that they offer us.

New Alita: Battle Angel trailer has arrived

A brand new trailer has dropped for the live-action adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel during a panel at the Comic-Con International: San Diego event that happened recently.

How Games are becoming forms of Online Gambling

The online casino gaming industry is one of the largest web-based industries in the world, raking in millions every minute of every day. Thanks to significant advances in web technology, such as HTML5, more online casinos are able to offer a fast, sleek, game-like platform, which is far more appealing to millennials and first time online gamblers in general.

Guests can enjoy Overwatch while awaiting flight

One of the most frustrating aspects of traveling is finding yourself stuck at the airport. Your options are typically waiting for your flight, eating from expensive cafes, or battling with a poor wi-fi connection, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has taken note and has come up with a solution. It will provide visitors with the opportunity to play video games while awaiting their journey.

Pablo is closing down in Malaysia??

Looks like it might be curtains for our favourite gooey cheese tarts, as Pablo outlets have been rumoured to be closing down nationwide.

World Cosplay Summit Malaysia 2018 is happening this weekend

The Malaysian leg of the World Cosplay Summit 2018 is happening this weekend, bringing together not only cosplay enthusiasts but much, much more!

Top 10 casual games to play on PC


With huge revenue figures reported at the end of each month and year in the gaming industry, it has lured more companies to diversify and venture into developing a new set of video games, simply to keep up with the demands of the market. However, despite dozens of games released on a frequent basis, some titles achieve more success to become favourites for most gamers.

The next Overwatch Nendoroid will be Junkrat

Overwatch Junkrat main

Overwatch figurines are pretty awesome but one particular version of them have a special place in our hearts, and they are the Nendoroid version of them by Good Smile Company. With a bunch of awesome Overwatch Nendoroids already release, the figurine makers have already set their eyes on a new character to release soon, and this time, it’s Junkrat.

LEGO finally unveils the long awaited LEGO Voltron set

Sometime last year, we published that LEGO had greenlighted the LEGO Ideas Voltron set for production. It’s safe to assume that the set is one of the most anticipated LEGO with legions of Voltron and LEGO fans just waiting to see what the final product will be like.