Pizza Hut launches Malaysia’s first ever digital concept store

image via Pizza Hut Malaysia

Pizza Hut is stepping into the future with their first ever digital concept store, just launched in Sunway Pyramid!

Thor: Ragnarok director wants Asian actors for their live-action Akira adaptation

Classic Akira

Looks like there’s hope that the upcoming live-action Akira adaptation will, in fact, be safe from whitewashing, as director Taika Waititi wants Asian actors to be in on the film project.

You can now pre-order the Xbox One X in Malaysia

If you’ve been jonesing for an Xbox One X, Microsoft’s latest gaming console is now available for pre-order locally.

Pizza Hut’s Pizza Parka will keep you warm and toasty

With companies like KFC and McDonalds already coming up with their own lines of apparel, Pizza Hut isn’t far behind with the release of their own workman jacket.

My Neighbor Totoro apparently has a sequel and no one knew about it

My Neighbor Totoro Mei and Cat Bus
image credit: totoro society

Turns out that My Neighbor Totoro actually has a sequel in the form of a Hayao Miyazaki anime that seems to largely be unknown, up till today.

A&W Malaysia’s got a cool limited edition mug up for grabs

If you’ve always wanted to own one of A&W’s iconic glass Rootbeer mugs, the franchise is now selling a special limited edition version starting today!

New species of wasp named after Lucius Malfoy

A brand new species of wasp has been discovered and it gets its name from Lucius Malfoy.

Studio behind Genocidal Organ is working on three new anime projects

The studio behind Genocidal Organ, Geno Studio recently announced that they are working on not one but three new television anime projects.

Tamagotchi’s 3rd 20th anniversary edition is out

Remember when Bandai re-released Tamagotchis earlier this year? they’re going to release another batch really soon and it’s headed to the U.S.

A “mini Gameboy” might be next from Nintendo

image credit: Wikipedia

Looks like Nintendo‘s “Mini” streak isn’t over yet, as they just filed a trademark last month that somewhat resembles the company’s famous handheld.