Check out the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

As expected from the Star Wars Celebration happening this week, the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally here.

Going Retro: Developers are Going Back in Time for the Future of Gaming

Nintendo Switch
Image Source Pixar Bay

Pokémon Go fever infected almost everyone in the summer of 2016, sending grown adults sprinting around the city to try to catch the Pokémon that brought them back to the days of their childhood. Several generations caught the Pokémon Go bug and the pop culture phenomenon spread like wildfire. The game proved an unbridled success, which gave game developers their own ideas. Instead of stoking up new content for fans to possibly be enraptured by, why not send everyone back down the memory lane of their own lives with a hit of nostalgia. Why not draw upon something that fans already know and love? Hence, retro gaming was born.

Would you pay US$14,700 for a 19 year old McDonald’s Nugget sauce?

14k Mcdonalds Szechuan sauce

Apparently, someone would, judging by how high the bid for both the Mulan Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce that was put up on eBay. To be fair it is vintage (19 years old), limited edition and was listed with another sauce (Wasabi flavour) but seriously, would you pay that much for some gnarly old McDonald’s Nugget Sauce?

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth sequel starts production this Fall

Previously it was announced that there was interest in reviving Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, a good thirty years since it came out. While there isn’t an announced release date, the movie will begin production this Fall.

Genocidal Organ to open in Malaysia 20 April

Golden Screen Cinemas revealed earlier this week that they’ll be bringing Project Itoh’s Genocidal Organ to Malaysia next week!

You can now marry your VR waifu in a Tokyo Chapel

If you’re familiar with romance games and dating simulators, you’ll know that the genre is making its steady crawl up to VR. Now you’ll get to legitimately marry your VR waifu thanks to the creators of Niitzuma LovelyxCation.

Odex to screen Resident Evil: Vendetta in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam

Film distributor Odex recently announced that it will be bringing the upcoming Resident Evil: Vendetta CG film to Southeast Asia, and we have the dates!

Creer Beaute’s Sailor Moon inspired lipsticks look gorgeous

Creer Beaute, the same people who brought us this fantastic Sailor Moon eyeshadow palette and transformation wand eyeliner, has some new products up it’s sleeves. Transformation pen style lipsticks to be exact.

Check out the first teaser trailer for the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie

A new teaser trailer dropped for Tokyo Ghoul today, and it shows off a bit of the main cast as well as a teensy bit of ghoul abilities.

Singapore to play host to Disney-themed events for the next three years

Yes, that includes next month’s Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You festivities.