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Doc Brown is back in this Back to the Future short film

The new short will be part of the Back to the Future anniversary Blu-Ray/DVD release of the trilogy

James Bond will be driving a Special Edition Aston Martin in Spectre

Want More details for the Doctor Strange movie? Disney lets the rabbit out of hat for Master of Mysticism's movie

The Fantastic Four gets a "dark and gritty" reboot from director Josh Trank. Is this a heartfelt reinvention of the franchise or a cynical cash grab?

An anime series where the alternate world is using Nikolai Tesla's tech is set to air next year

Speed fiends, take notice! The good ol' NFS is back!

The plot may be thin, but Mad Max: Fury Road is still a glorious movie and a good start to a movie franchise revival

Home console owners who wants the best of two worlds might want to have a look at this clever machine.

With the promotion starting up over at our southern neighbours pump stations, it shouldn't be long till Malaysia gets them either

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