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Here’s a sneak peek at Star Trek Beyond’s new alien lead

Now we know how Captain Kirk's new love interest might look like.

We have some updates on the Warcraft movie from SDC 2015

Two images showing two sides of story in the upcoming Warcraft movie

Donnie Yen to star in Star Wars?

The martial arts mega-star might be joining the cast of Star Wars?

Here’s the first official image from Star Trek Beyond

Now we have the first official image from new Star Trek movie and its actual title

Production begins for Star Trek 3

The crew of the USS Enterprise are going on another adventure.

First images from the Warcraft movie emerge

We have a first look at Warcraft movie and boy, it looks awesome.

Silent Hills “ain’t happening” according to Guillermo del Toro

Is this another fallout from the strained relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami?

The filming of Ghost in the Shell begins next year

The live action adaptation shooting of the Japanese sci-fi cyberpunk series, Ghost in the Shell will begin.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Date for live action Ghost in the Shell is set

The movie is set to hack its way through in 2017. We can only hope it is good enough to carry the name,

You’ll be seeing less 3D movies in IMAX in the future

Once upon a time, they said 3D is the future. Well, it looks like the future is dead, or at the very least, dying...