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Aim higher? Looks that way with the a new costume and tagline for Arrow Season 4

The birds are ready to wage an all-out war on the pigs in the cinemas next year

HBO is set to reboot the old Micheal Crichton movie into a series starting next year

Film-noir setting is the next zombie battleground in the new COD: Black Ops III feature

Extensive rumours on the Power Rangers reboot now online but how much of it is true?

Original star of old classic Flash Gordon has been giving a tantalizing possibility for a new movie.

An adventure movie based on a Disney's ride is becoming a reality with this one.

We will miss you Mr. Spock.

The realm of TV superhero series is getting really crowded as old timer Heroes is back with a teaser trailer.

Might come as a companion device with the newly announced Windows 10. Will it be a revolutionary step?

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