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Valve’s VR headset and Steam Controller to be revealed

Steam will be showing off a new SteamVR hardware system at the Games Developers Conference in San Fran come March

Aquaman teaser makes a splash

Zack Synder tweeted a striking visual of Aquaman which might able to inspire respect and awe instead of mockery from cinema goers.

Latest “Project Itoh” theatrical anime teaser is up

A new Tweet showing new teaser for Project Itoh's three animated movies.

New Godzilla game stomping in this July


Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū anime series is up for more tales

A very Japanese anime that talks about the tradition of oral storytelling that is unique to Japan, the rakugo.

Breaking Bad in Star Trek?

Someone might have some conversations and making bad break in new Star Trek movie. Fast and furious style with bad break indeed.

Green House produces ultra tough USB drive

Green House has released a super durable USB drive that can not only take a hit, it can withstand crazy temperatures as high as 85 celcius down to as freezing cold as 4 celcius.

A new Ghostbusters cometh

With a surprising casting and date of release inside. Let's check it out

Open Beta for Battlefield: Hardline is coming soon

The Open Beta for Battlefield: Hardline is coming soon. Can it live it up to the franchise?

More details on the anime adaptation of light novel, Overlord

An anime where the main character is big bad guy in fantasy setting. Very intriguing and should be fun to watch?