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Batman: The Ride

The upcoming rollercoaster ride will give you more than thrills (please bring extra pants).

The popular game from 2K is now mobile and you can explore the world of Rapture on your iPad or iPhone

The vampires vs werewolves franchise is getting rebooted so who would be best to replace Kate Beckinsale as the leather wearing Selene?

With the promotion starting up over at our southern neighbours pump stations, it shouldn't be long till Malaysia gets them either

Calling Dick Tracy, calling Dick Tracy. Looks like Samsung has a new watch phone for you

Cortex gives your inner deal finder a leg up by tracking all the deals and discounts from multiple online stores

Update: Looks like the twitter account was a fake so this is one piece of news we'll have to take with a pinch of salt

Looks like Spotify and Deezer just got another competitor here in Malaysia
5 Must-Watch Gaming Channels on YouTube

Need some gaming Youtube goodness? We recommend 5 of the best game related channels

Update 6/8/14: iPhone 6 gets a September 9 launch date

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