pokemon Go watch

Remember the Pokemon Go Plus? apparently, users are running into problems with it when the new gym update went live but no moves are going to be made to fix it (for now).

In terms of general functionality, the Pokemon Go Plus lets Pokemon Go players catch Pokemon and spin Pokestops with just a click of a button. This eliminates the need to keep their phones open though it also takes away an element of gameplay for the sake of convenience.

But the device isn’t without its flaws. For starters, it will only use Pokeballs to try and capture Pokemon and it will only give you one throw per Pokemon before it runs, on top of a tendency to make the game crash while running in the background on Apple devices. When the gym update rolled around, less Pokestops became available as some turned into gyms and the Go Plus doesn’t spin those.

However, Niantic has no plans to make future updates to the Pokemon Go Plus, so users might be very well stuck with this limited functionality.

Hopefully, they will change their minds and address the functionality issues, as this is quite the slap for those who supported them and did buy the Pokemon Go Plus.